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Justice for Jagtar Singh Johal (Juggi)

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Torture of innocent man from Dumbarton who went to India to get married confirmed by family

London - 14 November

Jagtar Singh Johal was abducted by plain clothes police on 4 November. He appeared in court the next day. Punjab police asked for 10 days remand, but were granted 5 days by the judge.

At his court appearance on 10 November the British High Commission representative, his lawyers and his family were all denied access to him. They feared he was being tortured during interrogation that has been confirmed today. Punjab police were garneted another 4 days remand given political pressure from non other than the Chief Minister of Punjab who named Jagtar in a press conference soon after his abduction.

The family have confirmed today that the remand has been extended again until 17 November, this is nearly two weeks since his abduction. Through his legal counsel, Jagtar complained of extreme police torture both physical and mental and of interrogation using 3rd degree torture, including body separation techniques and electrocution to body parts.

In our view this is to allow the police to continue with their brutal torture to try and extract a false confession in the absence on any evidence against Jagtar Singh who only visited Punjab this year to get engaged and married. His passport that has been lodged by the family with the British High Commission in Delhi proves he has not been to Pakistan as claimed by the police and the Chief Minister of Punjab.

The family and Martin Docherty-Hughes, the MP for Jagtar Singh Johal are extremely upset and unhappy with the role of the British High Commission and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Who failed to attend today’s hearing which directly resulted in the further 3 day Police remand.

In first 24 hours of the #FreeJaggiNow lobbying campaign the Sikh Federation (UK) has had at least 130 MPs, including half the Cabinet contacted by constituents to take up the case of Jagtar Singh Johal.

MPs have now started to send letters of complaint to Boris Johnson over FCO inaction and the Indian High Commission in London for the treatment of the British citizen and his family in India and the UK.

Boris Johnson is to be put under extreme pressure in the next 7 days. He can expect a huge reaction next week when he appears before MPs at the House of Commons on 21 November if Jagtar Singh Johal has not been released.

Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:
“The Punjab police has been given a free hand to torture Jagtar for the last 10 days without the British High Commission taking any action to protect a law-abiding British citizen who had just been married and was spending time with his newly wed wife.”

“The callous actions of the Indian authorities are sickening, but the Foreign Office and the British High Commission appear to be under pressure not to act and will be accused of looking the other way.”

“The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary will feel our pressure in the next 7 days in Parliament via hundreds of MPs who have been contacted by constituents who are unhappy with the lack of action to secure Jagtar’s immediate release and return to the UK.”


Gurjeet Singh
National Press Secretary
Sikh Federation (UK)

Note 1: The Sikh Federation (UK) is by far the largest, most prominent and influential campaigning Sikh organisation in the UK that leads on political engagement for the British Sikh community. The organisation is often referred to as the first and only Sikh political party. The Sikh community in the UK and throughout the diaspora look to the organisation for leadership and direction.

Note 2: Evidence and court complaint against third degree torture from his lawyer now available.

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