MEC must immediately stop selling products made by ammunition manufacturer ‎Clarus Corp.!

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As members of Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), we call on MEC to immediately stop the sale of all Clarus Corporation brands. This Utah-based corporation is the owner of Sierra Bullets, one of the leading producers of bullets for semi-automatic weapons in the United States. 

Clarus Corporation brands for sale at MEC include: Black DiamondGregory, and PIEPS.

Clarus Corporation acquired Sierra Bullets in August of 2017, and can attribute 7% of its sales revenue to this recent acquisition. Sierra Bullets has been shown to be a supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a well funded gun lobbyist in the states fighting against tighter gun control regulations. A refusal by MEC to stock Clarus Corporation brands would be a direct blow to Clarus Corporations main revenue stream and demonstrate that any support of the United States gun lobby is unacceptable.

MEC has made it their mission to demonstrate ethical business practices, by placing the principles of fair trade and ethical sourcing at the forefront of their image. In this way MEC has lead by example, and strived to inspire other organizations to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Given the recent events in Parkland, Florida where 17 high school students lost their lives, MEC is facing an urgent obligation to act in accordance with its 'Mission and Values' and immediately stop selling brands owned by Clarus Corporation