MSVUSU Needs a Reboot - Dissolve the MSVUSU

MSVUSU Needs a Reboot - Dissolve the MSVUSU

February 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by students' assembly

The MSVU Students' Union is failing, and continues to fail—year after year. 

  • Half of the Executive positions—and over half of the Student Representative Council (SRC)—have resigned, and almost half of the student managers have quit. The SU doesn’t even have a General Manager anymore, and has no concrete plans to find a replacement. They haven’t even attempted to fill the vacant Executive and Council positions. 
  • The remaining Executive members reportedly haven’t been showing up to crucial university meetings (Senate, Board of Governors, etc).
    The SU hasn't done ANY advocacy on students’ issues. Students aren't being represented, nor advocated for.
  • Vinnie’s Pub is an actual hole—nobody wants to hang out there, the bar manager makes students uncomfortable, and it loses money every year. 
  • An SRC member just spent over $3000 on a “student engagement” conference, that took place in an inaccessible location at the very top of the hill, and that few students actually attended, without even pre-approving this spending.
  • The MSVUSU Constitution and by-laws are being completely ignored. They haven't held a General Meeting, so students haven't had an opportunity to present and vote on motions. 

Mount students have been given 0 opportunity for students to democratically hold their SU accountable. It is not a student-run organization—it's a fundamentally undemocratic organization, and has been for years. Years of corruption, nepotism. misogyny, ignoring students, financial mismanagement, and more all point to major systemic and structural problems. 

The Students' Union needs a hard reboot, so a democratic organization that actually serves and represents students can be built back up from square one—with new bylaws, new constitution, new hired full-time staff, new elections, and a new name. 

There is no coming back from this mess.

#reboottheMSVUSU #dissolvetheMSVUSU

Signed, the MSVU Students' Assembly, and relentless Complainers:

Alex LeBlanc

Emma Vibert

Jared Papove

Kenya Thompson

Mila McKay

Nikki Jamieson


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Signatures: 206Next Goal: 500
Support now