Save Sunnyside Farm from imminent demolition!

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Places of beauty and history deserve to remain standing. Sunnyside Farm in Mount Laurel, NJ is just such a place. Once referred to as "the finest home in the neighborhood," it is a charming example of Federal architecture, and its history reaches back to before the formation of the township. Built in 1838 by Joseph Hooton, it is one of the oldest and most beautiful homes in the township. The Hootons were a locally prominent Quaker family, with strong connections to other prominent families in the area. I personally had the privilege of visiting the house when it was still in wonderful condition, and have been enchanted with the home, surrounding outbuildings, and picturesque grounds ever since. It is one of the most peaceful and provincial places Mount Laurel has to offer. Mount Laurel Township purchased the property in 2002, and unfortunately decided after several years to discontinue care of the property. The demolition is supposed to happen soon--no date has been made public, but we are running out of time. Built strongly, the house continues to stand, a reminder of our town's history, and the lifestyles of those who came before us. It is more important now than ever to acknowledge what came before us, and with so few historic buildings left in Mount Laurel, we can not afford to lose another. Sign your name, and take part in fighting to protect a history worth protecting.