Stop Industrial Solar on Rural/Ag Land--Preserve Historic Gettysburg/Chesapeake Watershed

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NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, Juno Beach, Florida has applied for a conditional-use permit to develop 1,000 acres of mostly agricultural-zoned land in Mount Joy Township, Gettysburg/ Littlestown, PA with 4-5 other local townships now in foreign solar corporation cross-hairs.

Prime farmland, forested and floodplain areas adjacent to wetlands, historic homes, and residential property values are all threatened by this project with only 50 feet setbacks, 8' fences with barbed wire, and 12' high rotating solar panels.  Abundant wildlife including deer, turkeys, migratory birds, and raptors/eagles would also be harmed, including the Alloway Creek Watershed that buffers tremendous storm water run-off to the Chesapeake Bay. 

This project would be funded by tax-payer subsidies and huge corporate tax credits.  The energy created by this project will only be powering East Coast Grid and will NOT benefit local electricity rates in the county and very few local jobs would be created.  This Brookview Solar I industrial power plant and others surrounding Gettysburg threatens tourism, which promotes our historic and agricultural heritage. 

Residents for Responsible Agriculture/Solar of Mount Joy Township are respectfully requesting that any board decision be an outstanding "No" as also recommended by the Planning Commission on January 14, 2020.

Even more concerning, the "low ball" decommissioning costs are only estimated at 3.53 million to cover the full removal/disposal of 530 acres of solar panels for this 90 million project, so any gross miscalculations/project overages will quickly become the township/county expense and burden over-the-next 35 years.

Solar companies now eying up all sides of Gettysburg Battlefield in Cumberland/Mt Joy/Straban with numerous other townships creating solar use ordinances for industrial-utility scale usage.