Safety for LGBTQ+ and POC members

Safety for LGBTQ+ and POC members

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As a submission sent to @bipocatmountholyoke has brought to our attention, there is an upcoming planned “Back the Blue” police support rally at the Mount Holyoke Village Commons. This is outrageous and we demand a response from the administration of Mount Holyoke. Of all the places in South Hadley to have this demonstration, they decided to plan this protest in close proximity to the living quarters of our students. By maintaining silence about the upcoming events, the school is encouraging a gathering of people who could threaten our community’s safety.

Mount Holyoke made a firm commitment this summer to engage in the difficult work of moving towards a more inclusive anti-racist practice on campus. The institution affirms that it “oppose[s] anti-Blackness and police brutality and believe[s] that the unrelenting anti-Blackness we are witnessing to be a failure of humanity and a failure of action. The school made a commitment to ensuring that it is a “just, safe and welcoming community.” In allowing the protest to occur at the Village Commons without publicly denouncing the hateful rhetoric endorsed by those involved, the school fails to deliver as promised. Among the organizers of the protest are local corrections officers, a problematic reality for the institution to contend with, given the negative impact the prison industrial complex has on the very group (Black people) whose needs it claims to want to center. 

Although Mount Holyoke is a space that encourages the opinions of all students to be shared, they should not tolerate the sharing of harmful rhetoric. The implication of the stance held by the “Back the Blue” rally is in direct opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement and the safety of all POC groups and LGBTQ+ community. Not only could this rally be a threat to the safety of the students currently on campus, but allowing it to proceed sends a much larger message to the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community of the College that they do not matter. This goes against the inclusive and progressive message of Mount Holyoke as an institution and a community. Since we have yet to hear of any actions taken by the administration, as @_blackmhc, and APAU along with other cultural organizations on campus, we demand that the school makes a response or bans the protest.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!