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Mount Barker District Council: Create a safe and fenced off-leash dog park in the Mount Barker District

The Mount Barker community population is growing at 3% per annum (2010/2011 Annual Report) and along with an increase in families moving to the area, we also see an increase of dogs with 7,336 dogs registered to the Mount Barker District Council in 2010/11. 63% of the 7.5 million households in Australia own pets.

The Council have identified 'off-leash' areas within our community, however, none of these areas are adequately (if at all) fenced for dogs to safely run and interact with each other

Studies have shown that dog parks not only provide a positive experience for pets, but also the community by creating a setting where people can socialise and meet with other dog owners. It provides an avenue for the elderly and disabled to safely exercise their dogs as well for the dogs to interact and socialise which has positive benefits by reducing boredom and therefore reducing barking and other undesirable behaviour.

7336 dog registrations brings the Council between$183,400.00 and $336,800.00 per annum.  There are several 'off-leash' council-owned zones large enough and conveniently located which would provide the perfect 'off-leash dog park' - namely the vacant land on the northern side of walking track to Laratinga Wetlands (eastern side of St Frances de Sales College oval).

Research has identified that dogs improve health by lowering blood pressure and as well as reducing anxiety and depression. Look after 'man's best friend' and they in turn will look after you.

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