Reduce Climate Change with Motorway Wind Farms

Reduce Climate Change with Motorway Wind Farms

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If your concerned about the escalating negative impact climate change will have on people and animals then read and sign this petition!


Life as we know it has evolved to live on an Earth at a certain global average temperature. If this temperature changes too much too quickly then many life forms including our own become threatened, with significant numbers becoming extinct. With a warming earth this threat comes from melting ice caps, rising ocean levels, increased ocean acidity, more extreme weather conditions, hotter temperatures, floods and droughts.

The main factor controlling global average temperatures is greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere which act as a blanket trapping heat received by the sun and keeping the earth warm.  The more greenhouse gasses, the denser the blanket and the warmer the earth. Left to nature the amount of greenhouses gasses would remain steady, but, it hasn't been left to nature!  People, though their activities, have been producing significant amounts of greenhouse gases while at the same time removing the Earth's ability to absorb them through the cutting down of forests and the removing of other ecosystems like peat bogs.

Problem and Solution

One of the main contributors to greenhouse gasses is the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity. This can be stopped by switching to generating our electricity from renewable resources like solar, wind, wave and tidal.

Depending on a Country's geology and global position will depend on which renewable resources provide the best options. In the UK solar energy is useful on roofs as a micro generation schemes, but it is not useful as a UK national scheme due to the difference between summer and winter yields, with winter only producing 20% of the summer yield. The UK does however have significant wind, wave and tidal potential all year round.

It is critical that we make this switch quickly but there are barriers in the way!

Wind turbines are the most mature and easily implemented of the UK's options so should be used, but a lot of people, understandably, don't want wind turbines spoiling large swathes of beautiful UK countryside. This opposition has resulted in an almost complete ban on most on-shore wind farm developments which has seriously impacted the UK's ability to hit greenhouse gas emission targets.

The problem with this ban is that it has creating a barrier to a large potential in renewable energy generation and in areas which are not beautiful countryside.

Motorways are an existing visual and audible blight to the landscape. This spoiling of the beautiful countryside with motorways has already happened, but in some areas this has been mitigated with the planting of trees.

This petition calls on the government to build large wind farms alongside motorways at locations where significant trees coverage will not need to be removed and where wind levels are high enough to make it viable. These wind turbines should be tall and large to capture the most wind energy. By building wind farms at these locations the beautiful countryside can continue to be left alone. This is a win-win solution!

Building large wind farms alongside motorways has the following major benefits:

  • motorways have already spoilt the peace and beauty of the countryside.
  • motorways go around or between cities which is where electricity demand is highest.
  • the sound of the motorway will mask the sound of the wind turbine.

Please vote for this petition and help the UK reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

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