Stop buying Motorola smartphone

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Motorola(Lenovo) promised Android Oreo update for their G5 line up. It has been over a year since Android Oreo has been launched but still Motorola has not provided the Android update to the Motorola G5 plus in India. Even the monthly security patch update is given by Motorola occasionally (like once in 3 months) not every month. Other smartphone brands have started providing beta version of Android p while Motorola still has not provided Android Oreo update. This kind of laziness makes Motorola one of the slowest brands to give updates. Many people are excited for the launch of Android p but many people are still stuck at Android Nougat(Courtesy of Motorola).

What is the point of giving a new android update when the best Android update has already been launched.

I would request everyone to stop buying Motorola smartphones and start boycotting the brand for this kind of laziness.