Revoke decision BR2403

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Removing the requirement for club membership being compulsory to obtain/ retain a competition license is removing an income stream that aids
to keeping clubs alive. Currently track ride day riders which have no club affiliation, under this rule would be able get an MA license without any involvement of a club. With Ride day participants on the increase, potential for income of a club would decrease. Riders will also be able to compete in State Level Competition without being part of a club.

Road Racing Clubs around Australia struggle financially to provide the best for local riders and growth of the sport. Clubs are run by volunteers who work for the love of the sport, as their funds dwindle, so will their ability to run a club effectively.
MA also believe this not to affect clubs running interclub/club events, this view is short sighted as it removes desire to evolve to something bigger. It is doubtful that the detriment would be noticeable atleast for maybe 5 years until the practise becomes common place not to join a club. With that, the loss of volunteers and officials would be next to go. This is extremely concerning for a sports clubs. Is there another motive for this apparent short sighted behavior, perhaps phasing out some clubs, less funds for State Controlling bodies to exist, transferring total control to MA itself.

Perhaps its time MA are informed they are not required to run events and Motorcycling Clubs look elsewhere for insurance.

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