To make RTO Receipts compulsory with Towing Charge Receipts

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On Saturday, 11 March 2017, my 4-wheeler vehicle was towed away by Vidarbha Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for Junction Parking Offence.

On reaching Gandhinagar Traffic Police Station, Mumbai to pay the fine, only thing that I was handed by lady from Vidarbha Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was a Towing Charge Receipt. There was nothing mentioned anything about payment of Parking Offence Charges to RTO neither did she provide any separate RTO Receipt mentioning the payment details done to RTO. When I questioned about missing details of payment of Parking Offence Charges to RTO, she was clueless. Senior Traffic Police Officer sitting at his desk was listening our conversation validated that I was correct in pointing out the missing details of payment done to RTO. But, he too was not of much help as he told these are Policy decisions taken at higher levels & nothing much was in his hands. When asked about Complain book to the lady, she didn't even have that.

I decided to call Mumbai Traffic Police Helpline No. 8454999999 who talked with Senior Traffic Police Officer but she too told that nothing can be done.

I decided to call Anti Corruption Bureau Toll Free No. 1800222021 next. The officer again talked with Senior Traffic Police Officer & after having a word he told me that they have agreed to give me manual RTO Receipt for collection of No Parking Offence. He handed me some Email IDs too to escalate the Complain in case the senior Traffice Police officer still doesn't provide me the manual RTO Receipt.

But, to my surprise, he still didn't provide me any RTO Receipt!!!

I never denied to pay the No Parking Offence Charges + Towing Charges. But, as a citizen of India, don't I have right to know where my money is going? Is RTO getting even a penny or all the money is going to the private company authorized by the RTO themselves. If they are actually paying No Parking Offence Charges, why can't it be made a compulsion to provide valid payment details made to RTO?

I request you to sign this petition so that as a citizen of India, you have full right to know where your valuable money is going & with numbers we can force Motor Vehicles Department, Maharashtra to take corrective actions to force Towing Companies to provide valid details of payment made to RTO for collection of No Parking Offence Charges on behalf of RTO.