Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Aren't the City of Edmonton's Bank

Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Aren't the City of Edmonton's Bank

August 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alexander McKean

According to Edmonton City Councilor Michael JANZ, "no vehicle is sold loud", and therefore all four & two wheeled enthusiasts are in contravention of laws made up in his own mind that only serve to placate residents of the City that have chosen to live near major road corridors, City highways, and the already existing (and loud) entertainment sections of the City.

JANZ proposes that "loud vehicles" are more important than the safety issues plaguing the City AND affordable housing/rent control.

As a result, JANZ is seeking to pass an amendment of the City's exhaust noise bylaw, that would limit the noise from a motor vehicle to 74dB.

The proposed punishments for the bylaw amendment are:

  • Upping fines as high as $5,000-$10,000
  • Seizing of the "offensive vehicle"
  • Revoking the operator's license
  • Revoking the vehicle's registration

These punishments are punitive at best, and life altering at their worst. Who is the City of Edmonton to extend its authority to the point where they could bankrupt a 17 year old kid, take away a small business owner's source of income, or a vital natural resources employee's ability to travel to their place of employment? To say this bylaw amendment, in order to appease a very small number of people, is a massive overreach, would be an understatement.

But let's not forget that the same Councilor, was recently found to be in violation of the City's Code of Conduct by the Integrity Commissioner for retweeting a post made on social media, where the author called Edmonton Police Service officers "pigs" for writing their friend a $409 ticket for running a stop sign in a residential area of the city at 7am.

That's right folks... According to Councilor JANZ it is better for the city to allow the ignoring of traffic laws in a residential area when families are starting their day.

With the ongoing mental health, homelessness, and violent crime issues trending upwards in Edmonton, our law enforcement resources are better used to keep the city safe, than focusing on what is essentially low hanging fruit.

Any amendments to the bylaws, that specifically target enthusiasts, should be done in consultation with the enthusiast community.

Please sign this petition to show your support for our enthusiast community, and to show that we aren't the City's bank!

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Signatures: 6,230Next Goal: 7,500
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