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Change the Rating of "3 Generations" to PG-13

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3 Generations, a new movie about a transgender teenager, is debuting soon, but there’s one problem: It’s rated ‘R’ so most trans youth won’t be able to see it.

All throughout my childhood and adolescence, I didn’t see images that reflected my trans identity in the media. When I graduated from college, I had not even an inkling that I was trans. But over the course of a year, I went from total ignorance to actually coming out. And coming out to yourself, especially when you’re trans, is the biggest hurdle.

Something that contributed to that self-awareness was seeing transgender images on-screen. The storylines weren’t always perfect and neither were the characters, but they were there. They were living their truths. I saw characters that I could look at and see myself reflected in – and that made a huge difference in my life.

So when I saw that this upcoming film with a young, trans protagonist received an ‘R’ rating, I was deeply concerned. The Williams Institute at UCLA estimates that there are 150,000 transgender youth between the ages of 13 and 17 in the United States. It breaks my heart when I think about those kids who won’t be able to see this movie because of its 'R' rating. This is a story about them, being denied to them, simply because the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) -- which sets the ratings -- doesn’t know what to do with the subject matter.

This story could give hope. This story could change lives. Join me and GLAAD in calling on the MPAA to change the rating of 3 Generations so that more trans youth will be able to see the film.

3 Generations, distributed by The Weinstein Co. and starring Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, and Susan Sarandon, comes out on May 5. Elle Fanning plays Ray, a teenage boy who is also transgender. The powerful family drama allows audiences to get to know Ray’s mother and grandmother as they advocate for their trans child and grandchild. It’s a touching story about what really makes a family, and one that will not only provide transgender boys like Ray a character they can finally relate to, but parents of transgender youth a look into a family that deals with issues similar to ones they face. 

All that differentiates the film from other PG-13 films is a few instances of strong language. The film does not include graphic violence, drug use, or nudity – it merely portrays a modern family.

So I’m asking you again to join me and GLAAD in petitioning the MPAA to change the rating of 3 Generations from ‘R’ to ‘PG-13.’ Because a transgender teenager has never been included in a mainstream film, and rating the first film to do so with an ‘R’ sends a message that this content is ‘adult.’ Because there is nothing unsuitable or inappropriate about transgender stories or transgender people. And because our stories need to be told.

Blair Durkee
Graduate Student, Clemson University


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