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Letter to
Mothers Day
My latest twig of related poetree:

house of God, cards, idolatry

This vernal equinox's storms poignant past
Still lashing at the gash, can't undo the flourish
May day masked, evidencing nature's pause,
Diurnal flare, a pre-mother's day charge
To be done with care, madreporal.

Without which any mother's son wouldn't reef,
House, millions of lives wouldn't rise; saturnine.
Not forgetting, intellect can't lead, for, the life
doesn't follow, and, even though necessity is the
mother of invention, its father is the evolution.

While your sons think with spooned nose, speak,
With forked tongue, will, "we,...", be undone?
Though motherless, born of truth, weaned on
Nature's motherese, independents be, Satyagrahi.
Walkedabout, socratic, a motherland, beaconing.

As machinations of travailing winds, miraging,
Veil and mirror narcissistic nihilistic false-ego,
As self, rights, lefts, exercised, unwithering,
Leading to what, when, how, where, who, why,
Forever unanswered, we evince to be!

Copy, share, as you will. jmn

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