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Mothers and babies shot down by Australian Policeman

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When we speak of law and order, we accept that society needs it to function in a civilised manner. When traveling as a tourist to a foreign country, we put our safety in the hands of those paid to protect us and keep us free from harm. Imagine then, when a senior Queensland police officer goes on the rampage over a weekend, in the company of a young teenager, killing kangaroos, a protected native species, he is reprimanded with an Infringement Notice (as good as a slap on the wrist). Hard to imagine? Not so!

In December 2011 this incident actually happened in Queensland in Australia. About 20 kangaroos, classified as "protected" in Australia, were shot, some at point blank range, their bodies just left as they fell for locals to find whilst out for their Sunday morning exercise. 

In this mob, there would have been at least 20 baby kangaroos. You can imagine the scene as these terrified babies saw their parents shot in front of them and then had to face the killer staring into the barrel of his gun, before having their tiny little lives blown apart. It is reported that only one young baby survived this bloodbath, but injured, was taken to a wildlife rescue 'carer'.

What of the Police officer you may ask? Well therein lies the problem!

If this had been a member of the public they would have been arrested and be facing trial with a very heavy fine, but not so if you are a Policeman in Queensland. SHAME!

This officer committed crimes under the LAW in Australia which is there to supposedly protect native wildlife from such ruthless attacks.

It seems however, that he only received an infringement notice.

We want Europe and the rest of the world to know what goes on in Australia to its protected native species and how little the animal welfare laws protect the very animals these laws were first written and set up, to safe guard.

Please sign our petition and send this our letter to those listed and help us to rectify this blatant 'cover-up.'

Thank you for your support. We need your signature on this petition which we will send to Tourist Agencies around the world and to all who are thinking of going to Australia. To all those who firmly believe that the policeman and teenager should be punished severely, your signature is needed so we can make sure justice is served.


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