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Rights of Nature and Mother Earth: to be for systemic change worldwide. The law draws deeply on indigenous concepts that views nature as a sacred home, the Pachamama (Mother Earth) on which we intimately depend upon for all life. The law would give nature legal rights, specifically the rights to life, regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, and restoration.

MOTHER EARTH on this day we pledge to honor and respect Mother Earth and all life. Give Gaia her own legal status as she is a living Earth. Share this as a gift to all your loved ones today this would be the greatest gift, Mother Earth's Declaration.

The United Nations General Assembly has talked about the Rights of Nature, referencing a proposed Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth, (Law on the Rights of Mother Earth, Law No. 71 of December 2010 [Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth, 2010] (Boyd, “Elements” at 226). There has also been recognition of human rights and the protection of nature through the International Court of Justice (Colón-Ríosa, “Constituent Power” at 147). For example, in Hungary v Slovakia, [1997] ICJ Rep 88 at 91, in a Separate Opinion, the Vice-President stated, “the protection of the environment is likewise a vital part of contemporary human rights doctrine, for it is a sine qua non for numerous human rights such as the right to health and the right to life itself” and that “damage to the environment can impair and undermine all the human rights spoken of in the Universal Declaration and other human rights instruments.” (Colón-Ríosa, “Constituent Power” at 147).

The constitutionalization of the Rights of Nature ensures that humans can live in a healthy and clean environment, have a right to the enjoyment of life, and recognize the rights of our environment, as well as, grant nature its own rights, similar to the Indigenous perspective. Many countries around the world, including Switzerland, Portugal, France, Columbia and Brazil, have specified a set of obligations to the government regarding nature and its protection (Boyd, “Elements” at 227). For example, The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (7th Revision April 25, 1976 (translation) sets out the government’s duties:

Art. 66(2) states: In order to ensure enjoyment of the right to the environment within an overall framework of sustainable development, acting via appropriate bodies and with the involvement and participation of citizens, the state shall be charged with:

a)      Preventing and controlling pollution and its effects and the harmful forms of erosion;

b)      Conducting and promoting town and country planning with a view to a correct location of activities, balanced social and economic development and the enhancement of the landscape;

c)      Creating and developing natural and recreational reserves and parks and classifying and protecting landscapes and places, in such a way as to guarantee the conservation of nature and the preservation of cultural values and assets that are of historic or artistic interest;

d)      Promoting the rational use of natural resources, while safeguarding their ability to renew themselves and maintain ecological stability, with respect for the principle of inter-generational solidarity;

e)      Acting in cooperation with local authorities, promoting the environmental quality of rural settlements and urban life, particularly on the architectural level and as regards the protection of historic zones;

f)       Promoting the integration of environmental objectives into the various policies of a sectoral nature;

g)      Promoting environmental education and respect for environmental values;

h)      Ensuring that tax policy renders development compatible with the protection of the environment and the quality of life.

The notion that nature has rights and value is reiterated in international laws in many countries (Boyd, Rights of Nature at 99). Most of the world’s legal systems treat animals, nature, and ecosystems as property; however, this approach needs to change in order to sustain life and the environment. Many countries have made huge efforts to change perspectives between nature and humans; nature has been granted rights and legal protections in the Constitutions of Ecuador, Bolivia, New Zealand, and India.

This petition is directed to the United Nations Court of Justice to grant a public hearing to request that legal status be granted to Mother Earth, bestow upon her global laws that ensures her survival and protection. Please accept our petition and signatures as written declaration to be shown at the next United Nations Court of Justice public hearing session.

Under such hearings as PUBLIC HEARINGS, a ruling of March 1st 2019 was made. Two UN Rights of Nature experts presented a request to the Ecuadorian court to suspend the construction of the tailings dams of the mega open- pit.

Many such hearings are being heard worldwide, it is time Mother Earth receive her legal status to protect all her lands, waters, air, animals, nature.

~~ೋღ ✿ ღೋ~~ Divine Peace Love ~~ೋღ ✿ ღೋ~~ Declare and vow to restore Mother Earth to give her legal status to protect herself.

AUTHOR: Dr. Erena Rangimarie Omaki Rhöse, wrote this Declaration:

1.§ This declaration is the first and only document to recognize Mother Earth as a living, intelligent and spiritual being, who requires, proper legal status, juridical definition and representation, in all nations, governments and human populations. Thus the name and concept Gaia, and other nations cultural names and concepts, shall be adopted by this declaration and deem legal, with the support of you the people.

2.§ This planet provides materially, for you and all humanity, all basic needs, for a comfortable life style, for the entirety of every humans life time existence. At least three generations before you were born, mother life was expecting you, as she does with all humanity, thus she is the mother of all living, newborn and unborn and all she seeks, of humanity, is that we recognise and legally call her Mother Earth. Mother Earth declares she desires the presence of human love.

3.§ Mother Earth appeals, to you, humanity, to be more conscious of Gods love in all the ever changing nature surrounding you. Gods love is the only element and condition for the spark of life, the life force and the existence of the spirit within all creation. It is important to give thanks every day to God if you are thankful for your life. It would seem humanity departs further and further from God, love, spirit and life, because humans want to become the creator of life, but miss the true understanding and knowledge of love.

4.§ Mother Earth declares that she no longer accepts the way that you, humanity cause war, with each other and many diverse life forms of her creation. Such suffering and death are unnatural scars on her landscapes, which never heal. It has been said by many wise teachers that, (you shall love one another as you love yourself) and still we do not hear the simple message of peace and love. If you humanity let this simple message enter your hearts, then you, every person will know the presence of her sacred beauty of life, love and peace.

5.§ Mother Earth, seeks of you humanity, to acknowledge all she gives you. Mother Earth, has never asked you to pay for anything, until now and all she is asking as payment, is that you remember to give thanks and love to her every day by simply saying, good morning, good loving good living Mother Earth. If every human being did this simple task every day, for one year, the whole situation of global warming will heal.

6.§ Mother Earth declares that, you humanity, use square, linear, circular, shapes and designs in your way of thinking. Such thoughts patterns are a stress factor, to the natural ecological patterns of Mother Earth, because these patterns separate and eventually stop the natural flow of life. Mother Earth challenges, you humanity to learn to follow the designs of her nature. Human pollution is not the result of what we use or do, it is mostly, caused by how we think.

7.§ Mother Earth appeals to, you, every human being, why do you act disrespectful to your life force, such as when you are unable to share the fruit and food of the land and waters, with each other and when you do not give thanks to the life force that had to die to feed you. Why do you let your fellow brothers and sisters die of starvation or thirst and sickness when there is enough food for all. Be sure there is enough food to feed all humanity, but there is only death and starvation when you try to feed greed. Learn the practice of generosity and teach it to your children and give thanks. Keep the one most sacred law of love, feed the people with food, prepared with love, and be blessed with the happiness of life.

8.§ Mother Earth declares that all creation, on or in the layers of her land and mountain teranges and surfaces, in her ocean waters, lakes and all fresh waters, up in the layers of her atmosphere, hold the precious gifts of her life force and memory. She knows every life and death movement of her creation, no matter how small or large, she records the change. When vast amounts or numbers of death occurs, it changes the balance of nature, and this is a clear indication to you, humanity about how fragile the balance and harmony of nature is. Learn to respect and give reverence to all presence of life because it is so fragile.

9.§ Mother Earth appeals to all nations and governments, to consider that all cities, villages, and towns, create a special Mother Earth place of beauty, in the mountains by water fountains, water sources, brooks, streams, rivers, lakes, public beaches, forest, to help bring balance and harmony back her life force. Mother Earth states, that you humanity have divided her lands and waters without any consideration of any place for her spirit. Her forests, soils, minerals, sea are bought and sold and exploited by the human greed virus which results in causing deep physical wounds to her life force.

10.§ Mother Earth declares to you, humanity, that because of her love to humanity, this is the only power that stops her from destroying all humanity. It is time for you humanity to change the way you think and act, and seek happiness and love in the simple nature of life. There is too much stress and anger in the daily living styles of many people and this is then expressed in the way people drive, work, eat, drink and play, so this is the real pollution. How can Mother Earth clean the pollution of human stress and anger, or fear, hate, greed, jealousy, unhappiness, loneliness, shame, arrogance, ignorance, tyranny, loneliness. Mother Earth assures that she is within every human being. Humanity is a part of her life force, she waited for you, long before you were born and she will remember you long after you have gone. Love and happiness is the true essence of humanity.

11.§ First nations people have a clear understanding and concept of Mother Earth in their cultures. Some nations still practice traditional practices to honour and pray to Mother Earth, but such possibilities have declined and become less and less, because first nations peoples have been robbed of their traditional lands and waters. Many first nations peoples minds and time are occupied by the detrimental influences of modern day culture, thus the prayers and ceremonies have been replaced or forgotten. To change these tendencies the only option for the people is the return of their traditional lands and waters in full.

12.§ Mother Earth appeals to all nations, governments and wealthy multi-international business companies, to annually, financially sustain all organisations, groups and individuals who work for Mother Earth, and the seven elements of creation, (especially any scientific research that studies the spiritual, and love factor), who can produce clear evidence of their work, as this will become the biggest concern for the future of all business. It is as equally important that the same support be given to all individuals, groups and organisations, who display an expression of the spirit and love of Mother Earth and the seven elements of creation. The arts act as a safety ventilation for all cultures and societies and express energetically the climate of the population. All expressions of the arts have the possibility to be able to act as a more direct dialog between human beings and Mother Earth. This creates threads of thought and sound. From such an arrangement, it is then possible to weave a mantle that will cover and connect Mother Earth, humanity and all creation.

13.§ Mother Earth warns you, humanity to change your way of living now, if you want to live with the beauty that you see around you . How you live now, decides the future of ten generations of all creation coming, especially humanity. It is the responsibility of you every human being to protect the future of the unborn creation and human children, by protecting Mother Earth.

AUTHOR: Dr. Erena Rangimarie Omaki Rhöse,

Here are other organizations and people who are actively seeking Mother Earth's legal rights.

Shannon Biggs is the co-founder and Executive Director of Movement Rights, advancing rights for Indigenous peoples, communities and ecosystems. She is also the co-founder of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and the co-editor of the book, The Rights of Nature: The Case for the Universal Declaration on the
Rights of Mother Earth
Tom B.K. Goldtooth is the Executive Director of The Indigenous Environmental Network, a network of indigenous communities worldwide. He is a leader of environmental and climate justice issues and the rights of Indigenous peoples. He is a board member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. In 2015 he received the Gandhi Peace Award, and is also co-and producer of an award-winning documentary Drumbeat For Mother Earth, which addresses the effects of bio-accumulative chemicals on indigenous communities.

Osprey Orielle Lake is the Founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International and serves on the Executive Committee for the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature. She is the author of the award-winning book, Uprisings for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature.


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Please see here below the article written by Youth who participated in our annual Rights of Nature conference organized by at the UN in Geneva. We thank the youth and Edward Girardet from Global Geneva and Caroline Hunt for making this article possible.