Skatepark in Morristown, NJ

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Morristown, NJ is one of the fastest growing cities in New Jersey. There is endless amount of new investment coming in to morristown with new apartment buildings, storefronts, etc. Although Morristown is fast and growing a key sport has been forgotten. Let's think about what is available as extra curricular activities in the town of Morristown currently; Football, Soccer, Basketball, Kids Playgrounds, Tennis, Cross-fitness, Roller & Ice Hockey and more I am sure to be forgetting. The year 2020 was supposed to be the first year that Skateboarding would've be in the Olympics. Skateboarding is a prominent sport and is growing at such a rapid pace it is set to be as large as soccer is in the future. Skateboarding doesn't care about socio-economic status, color, religion, gender, etc. it is completely unbiased. Right now in the surrounding area there are about 3 skateparks all about a 20 minute drive away. These parks are all run down now and have outdated equipment, Morristown should pave the way for the future of skateboarding and parks. If you are okay with a skatepark in the town of Morristown please sign! Thank you!