Ban the Sale of Cats & Dogs in Pet Stores - Morristown

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While Pet stores often claim "our puppies come from breeders, not puppy mills." This is a far cry from the truth and these pet stores are constantly sourcing dogs and cats from these terrible, cruel, disgusting conditions. 
Truly responsible breeders do not sell their puppies to pet stores, they want to meet their puppy buyers in person and do not sell their puppies to the first person who shows up with cash in hand. Most breed club's Code of Ethics state that their breeders refuse to sell their dogs to pet dealers orany other commercial sources of distribution.
The bottom line is this, thousands of homeless dogs and cats of all sizes, ages and temperaments are euthanized annually because there is simply an oversupply of animals. If we as a society perceive dogs and cats to be part of our families then we cannot uphold a double standard that also turns them into products. Pet stores violently defend their practices because they generate huge profit margins from the sale of puppies.

We can halt the supply and demand chain of unethical puppy mills by insisting no dogs and cats be sold in a retail setting in our town.