The renovation of Brundage skatepark

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    Hello my name is Eli, I’m here to help out the skateboarding community.   I’ve been skating at Brundage for 8+ years and each of those years I’ve met really great people which are still great friends to this day.   The dream would to have a safe and friendly environment for all of the people who decide to get into skateboarding, Brundage was the very first park I clicked to when I moved from the Midwest and since then my skateboarding has improved so much. Skating Brundage gives me a sense of comfort and the freedom to express my passion for skateboarding.  
    Over the years though Brundage has been decaying and has become more and more difficult to skate in which creates numerous amounts of issues.  Chunks of the concrete have been chipping away and the ground keeps splitting.  So instead of the town repairing the concrete they just patch over it but in reality it doesn’t really help long term. Due to the erosion of the concrete, the ramps are also sinking further into the ground which creates a very uneven surface.
     Lastly, people with jobs that go late into the day should be able to go skate as well, so that’s why we should install lights that would make it so they can get some time at the park before the whole park closes. The tennis court, the basketball court and the baseball field all have lights installed, except the skatepark. Let’s expand the skateboarding community instead of keeping them in the dark. 

Your vote matters,
Thank you from all the skaters at Brundage skatepark.