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MORRIS COSTUMES, Walmart, Remove the "DEAD DOG - with chain to drag" costume accessory

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Animal abuse is rampant, with crimes against animals skyrocketing, inefficient and insignificant laws, the expansion of dog fighting rings, and more, there is no reason to glorify the abuse and mistreatment of dogs as shown in this "Costume Accessory" currently being sold my Walmart. It's billed as a costume for any occasion; and it comes "with a chain for dragging". Look it up: The dog even resembles a pit bull and includes tire marks from being run over.

This product is offered for sale through Walmart, and is also a product of "". I have added their email contacts as well to let them know their product is reprehensible.

The manufacturer is Distortion Unlimited (aka Making Monsters, from The Travel Channel). They have acted in bad faith and in bad taste in search of sensation.

An article on interviews Scott Morris, owner of Morris Costumes. He not only insults the legions of people interested in this, but he shows a callous indifference. Show him we mean business. He can be emailed at and they also have a website and Facebook Page.
Here is the quote from Mr. Morris, the direct link follows.
" Scott Morris, owner of Morris Costumes, a 50-year-old costume and prop wholesaler in Charlotte, N.C. says that although his company has been receiving calls all day about the prop, he plans on continuing to sell the new product and doesn't see a problem with selling such a product in a business used to dealing in fantasy.

 "I want to know why some people say this is promoting cruelty to animals, that's like saying selling latex limbs or bloody latex humans are promoting murder," says Morris. "It sounds to me like someone needs to get a life. This doesn't have anything to do with animal cruelty."

 Morris says he's an animal lover and has had dogs all of his life. He also owns 70 acres on which he doesn't allow hunting."

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