Help MAA get lands and justice

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Yesterday, Saturday 24th of October marks history for Morocco Animal Aid.


Yesterday, someone threw a large quantity of an illegal poison mixed with delicious meat over the fence.


Yesterday, nearly 20 of our dogs got poisoned. 6 didn’t make it so far. They agonised for hours before finally passing away in front of our distraught eyes.


Yesterday, the world turned upside down, the roof where we used to dry blankets and cloths was turned into a war zone hospital.

Ten people, rushing around, their shaking fingers down the throats of the same animals they kissed good night the day before.

Scanning, through their tears, any suspicious behaviour among our 160+ animals in the shelter.

Recording with strangled voices what was happening.

Showering the lifeless bodies with apologies.


There is no words close enough to describe the intensity of yesterday morning.


There is nothing that can be done to bring these dogs back to life.


And believe it or not, it also seems that there is nothing that will stop Them from causing more harm.


We are having a hard time to get the authorities to protect us. To hold the culprits accountable for their illegals actions.

We have been blowing the alert whistle for weeks.


They harass even on the streets when we pass by, They attacked us physically, They destroyed one of our property and stabbed a dog while insulting our founder,

They stole our front door key, cut open our fences multiple times, released our equines.


Yes, We have been to the police for all of this, we have also been to the hospital.

No, nothing have been done in order to stop the criminals.


They want us to leave, and we want to. We have always wanted to. Bullying us is just going to delay the process.




Today, we wake up with a heavy heart. Shocked and scared.

What’s next ? Who’s next ?


We need to be protected. We need the criminals to be prosecuted.


Our voice is too weak to make a difference today. No one hears. No one truly care and comprehend the gravity and emergency of the situation.


Please sign this petition, share our story, think of a way out.


We are asking the Moroccan government to help us with lands around agadir region.

We are asking the Moroccan authorities to take actions against ILLEGALS DEEDS.


We are asking for peace and justice.