Ban Eroni's Circus using animals

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Please sign to voice to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to ban the animal cruelty and suffering that are animal circuses. 

For two and a half weeks in Rye (Mornington Peninsula Shire), Victoria 3941, Australia, from April 5 - 22, Eroni's Circus will use and exploit dogs, goats and horses in their shows. Every show is yet another day of animal exploitation and cruelty disguised as entertainment and family fun. However, entertainment stops where animal suffering begins. Using animals such as dogs, goats and horses at a circus for entertainment is outdated, cruel and unacceptable. 

In their suffering, misery and exploitation, a dog is a goat is a horse is a monkey is a lion is an elephant.

‘Performing circus animals are kept for prolonged periods in close confinement, in artificial social groups and are continually being transported between circus venues for the duration of their performing lives. All for the purpose of entertainment. The life of a circus animal leads to stress, boredom and often results in abnormal behaviours or stereotypes, such as repetitive pacing or swaying.’ - RSPCA

Every animal protection group - Animals Australia, PETA Australia and RSPCA Australia condemn the use of animals for any sort of entertainment. Become the animal lover you claim to be and stop paying for animal suffering. You say you're against animal cruelty, show it. A ticket to an animal circus is not showing animals love, kindness and compassion. Please start aligning your actions with your morals.

Disregarding the individual rights of animals and using animals as entertainment for financial gain is NOT animal welfare. Animals have the right to live freely and as naturally as possible without human dominion (supremacy). THEIR lives are theirs, not ours.

You cannot be:
a) of the position FOR animal welfare and AGAINST animal rights.
b) of the position FOR animal welfare and FOR animal circuses.

Put yourself in the animal’s position and ask yourself how you would feel if you were that dog, goat or horse today, reduced to performing tricks. You would want us being your voice.

'When children see animals in a circus, they learn that animals exist for our amusement. Quite apart from the cruelty involved in training and confining these animals, the whole idea that we should enjoy the humiliating spectacle of animals made to perform circus tricks shows a lack of respect for the animals as individuals.'
- Peter Singer, AC
Author, Philosopher and Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University

'Around the world, the plight of animals in circuses is increasingly heard. National, regional and local governments in at least 30 countries have already banned the use of some or all animals in circuses. But the Australian Federal and State Government policies are failing these animals.

As circuses play no meaningful role in education or conservation, the lifelong suffering of these animals continues only for the financial gain of the businesses and a few moments of so-called 'entertainment'. Attending animal circuses does not help animals.

As Cirque du Soleil, Circus Oz and many other popular circuses have shown, the success and economic viability of the circus does not require the use of any animal. Eliminating animal exploitation in circuses simply means an increase in human performers, not an end of circuses.' - Animals Australia

For two and a half weeks, animals will be the victims of someone’s entertainment, unless Eroni's Circus' use and exploitation of animals ends. There are numerous successful animal-free circuses and hundreds of cruelty-free entertainment alternatives easily accessible and affordable. Please choose those, for love, kindness, compassion, non-violence and equality for all beings we share this planet with.