Encourage MTV to fire Jenelle Eason for posts after FL massacre & her husband’s homophobia

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Following the terrible tragedy in Florida where 17 people lost their lives, David & Jenelle Eason, stars of the MTV show “Teen Mom 2,” displayed gross insensitivity by posting disturbing pictures and videos on social media.  David posted photos of his wife, Jenelle Eason, holding and aiming a rifle, the same weapon that the gunman used in the Florida massacre. When questioned on Twitter about why he would post such phots after this tragedy, he attacked several women, calling them “bitches” and “hoes” and using other threatening and abusive language.  Days later, David went on a homophobic Twitter rant where he called gay & transgendered people an “abomination” and said that he would teach his children to not associate with gay people or to be gay themselves. This level of ignorance and lack of compassion should not be tolerated.  Jenelle stood idly by and said nothing while her husband spewed all of this hate. Days prior, she finally admitted to smoking marijuana while pregnant with her third child, Ensley.  Is this the kind of “role model” we should have on MTV, a network geared towards impressionable young viewers?

David was subsequently fired from MTV for his actions, but they have not held Jenelle accountable. Please sign this petition to have Jenelle also removed from MTV and fired from “Teen Mom 2.”