Say NO to high density dwellings in Connors St - Change back to 'Suburban Neighbourhood'!!

Say NO to high density dwellings in Connors St - Change back to 'Suburban Neighbourhood'!!

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Jodi Wood started this petition to Moreton Bay Regional Council (Manager of Strategic Planning and Economic Development) and

The zoning of Connors Street Petrie was changed recently in 2016 to Urban Neighbourhood (General Residential). This change allows for the street to be developed by high density dwellings up to 21 m high.

Developments in Connors Street simply cannot be supported by the existing infrastructure, especially the existing design, capacity and engineering of the road.

The road is not able to support the development potential that is allowable under Urban Neighbourhood zoning. The increased road use will affect all residents, during construction and occupancy – the road is not able to support the increase in population during occupancy or the services required (rubbish trucks are already often stuck and unable to empty the bins). The construction trucks will not be able to access any of the sites safety as most large trucks will not be able to traverse the roads with cars parked in the street, be able to safety use the turn around with tight turning circles at the top of the street or safety park for unloading without severely impacting the residents. This type of work will also considerably heighten the risk to residents on the use of the roads and nature strips (pedestrians, bike riders, roller blades, kids playing etc – people utilise the road network to travel to work, rain station, school drop off, shops Sweeny Park etc by foot).

The increase in development on the street will also have a negative  impact to pedestrians and bike users who utilise the roads to travel to school, natural green space, train station and work places – there is no footpath that can be utilised due to the heavily treed nature strip, and the additional traffic and vehicles parking on the street will impact on the safety of these users. This impact will be significant and ongoing once the dwelling would be occupied, however during construction the impact on the surrounding neighbors will be insurmountable and completely unacceptable. During construction of the 2 townhouses at 22 and 24 Connors Street, residents had to drive on the nature strips to exit the street due to trucks blocking the road access. The impact would be worsened for large 21 m tall developments across the whole street. The existing pedestrian and bike users will not be able to use the roads safely to access the green space, bike paths, train station, shops etc that are currently able to be utilised given the current use and nature of the road. 

The existing condition and characteristic of Connors Street does not support the type, weight or frequency of vehicles and haulage that would be required to utilise the road during construction. The access road is split level, and is narrow with overhanging vegetation that limits the width and height of vehicles that can access the road, especially given that residents do park on the road reducing the width further. The engineered split wall is only rated to a certain use of the road, and given that houses on the southern side of the road are experiencing movement on the land causing existing dwellings to slip, it's clear that the road is already at capacity and struggling to meet the existing demands.  Further the road has a very tight turn at the end of the road that would need to be used for all traffic – which would involve trucks and all vehicles undertaking multiple point turns on a gradient with blind spots at the rear. There is not adequate parking space for light vehicles that require access to the site, or for haulage and delivery trucks that require access to the site. There is no available area / space for any trucks / trailers  / haulage vehicles for delivery – they would block the entire road, and be required to unload on a steep gradient which causes an unacceptable public safety issue.

Developments that are able to be constructed under the current zoning, will also impact negatively on the exiting green corridor that allows for safe refuge and passage for native fauna to navigate through the urban landscape. The street supports a large number of mature Eucalyptus teretcronis which are preferred feeding and habitat trees, for koalas, and they provide prime habitat for the known local koala population, and safe passage to and from Sweeny Reserve and throughout the urban landscape. The developments will cause a decrease the green corridor / connectivity for all animals through the area, reduce the number and quality of habitat, roosting, nesting and feeding trees within the area as well as increase the risk of native wildlife to vehicle strikes and dog attacks.

As a resident, at least once a month for the past 5 years we have sighted koala individuals in Eucalyptus trees in Connors Street, and more often have observed signs of koalas being present (through scats and scratches on trees) as well as heard their mating call. These developments will cause a decline in the local koala population, as well as impact on all native wildlife in the area.

A Development Application for a 21m high 24 dwelling property is currently under assessment by MBRC on Connors Street, and due to the zoning of the street, it's likely this DA will be approved regardless that upon review of this DA, it is clear the developer has not adequately address the key risks that will impact the existing residents, our families and the native koalas. Make no doubt, once approved, Development Applications like this will be assessed and approved in our neighborhood without any public notification. This means that a 6 story unit
block could be approved in all lots on Connors Street.

This development in our neighborhood WILL cause:

  1. Unsafe street use for all residents due to the increase in traffic and unsuitability of streets to accommodate:
    ▪  construction traffic – where are the trucks going to park, unload, where will the equipment and materials be stored, how will the delivery trucks even get up the narrow Connors Street, can Connors Street support such large trucks and haulage given the engineering of the road is already under pressure...;
    ▪  traffic once occupied – the roads are already so narrow and dangerous when driving and pulling out of driveways, let alone with an additional 24 dwelling on one block,
    ▪  on-street parking during construction and once occupied – it will dominate the street – the development application doesn’t address parking during construction or allow for adequate parking once occupied;
  2. The impact on residential road networks is already struggling with current demand – When the rubbish truck can’t get
    past a street parked car, the rubbish isn’t collected for days;
  3. Impact on existing residential privacy – imagine a 21m unit block towering over houses and peering into next door's windows;
  4. Impact on native flora, native fauna or green corridor networks through the urban landscape, especially the presence of
    koalas; and
  5. Noise and dust impacts on the neighborhood – construction will impact everyone – over an 18 month + period!

This will be replicated again and again for each development making Connors Street an unsafe place to live due to the impacts, disruption and ongoing issues - it will be unbearable!! 

The only way to STOP THIS UNNECESSARY AND UNACCEPTABLE IMPACT ON OUR FAMILY ORIENTATED, QUIET AND PEACEFUL STREET is to band together and petition MBRC to change the zoning of Connors Street to ‘Suburban Neighborhood’!

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