Does our Girl look dangerous? Please stop our council killing our 6yr old dog, Sky.

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To whom this may concern,

Hi my name is Naomi Meyer and we live at deception bay, just north of Brisbane. I have a partner who works on the Brisbane wharf, my little girl who is turning 5 this year and I am currently expecting another baby which we have only just found out. We have 2 beautiful fur babies that wouldn’t hurt anyone and are amazing around kids and other animals.

I would like to draw your attention to an issue that has been plaguing residents of the Moreton Bay Regional Council for several years and my recent experiences are no exception.

My dog Sky was accused of being involved in an incident where she had broken free from our yard and chased a neighbour’s elderly cat (17 years old) in their front yard.  I am unsure of the specifics around what happened as I was not there, but the neighbour had said that Sky had the cat pinned by the foot and when the neighbour shooed Sky away, the cat ran up a tree and subsequently suffered a heart attack some short time later.  I asked if there was any evidence of my dog’s involvement in the incident and I was advised there was photographic evidence, however these have never been provided to me.

As a result of this incident, Sky was declared a Dangerous Dog, under section 94 of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, even though she never inflicted any injuries on the cat.  Following the declaration, two council rangers attended my home to provide the required signage and tags and while there, inspected the pre-existing enclosure that we had already built for our dogs for suitability for a dangerous dog.  The rangers advised that the only two modifications required to the enclosure were the height of the walls (to be raised to 1.8m) and the gate would need to be converted to self-closing, self-latching.  Both of these items were corrected immediately.

On Monday 8th June, two different council rangers attended my property following a verbal complaint from a neighbour claiming Sky was out of our yard.  Again, no evidence has been provided regarding these claims and Sky has remained in the enclosure in accordance with the Act.  However these council rangers were not interested in investigating the validity of the complaint, they were more focused on advising that my enclosure had the wrong mesh (despite being told by the previous council rangers that it was sufficient).  These council rangers told us that we needed to use avery mesh and are required to seize Sky, including threats of police involvement if I did not agree, until the enclosure mesh was rectified.  To date we have not received any documentation for Sky’s seizure as required by section 128 of the Act.

We rectified the enclosure mesh immediately and contact council who came to our property on Thursday 11th June to inspect the new mesh.  The same council ranger as the second visit and her team member attended this time, who advised my husband that the mesh was still not suitable as it needed to be guineapig/mouse mesh, but once that was changed we could collect Sky from Dakabin Pound.  We are currently expecting our second child and I am in a high risk category and have been told to reduce stress and worry and this is not able to happen and these inconsistencies in the advice provided by council rangers is just creating unnecessary expenses for us.

Nevertheless, we began rectifying the mesh again when we received a phone call the same day stating not to bother changing the mesh as the council will be issuing a Destruction Order on Sky.  We are absolutely devastated and do not understand how council’s misinformation should result in our family member being destroyed.

 The council are abusing the lack of criteria in the law regarding destruction orders because it’s “easier” for them to get rid of dogs than it is to investigate false claims. Please help send a message to MBRC, by signing the petition, and let them know this abuse of power needs to stop and hopefully save Sky’s life.

Please help us bring our Fur Baby home to where she belongs and is greatly missed by all of us especially her best mate my 4 year old daughter, she is just distraught she is not at home with us. She is a beautiful, loving and caring member of our family and she does not deserve such horrific and cruel actions towards her. She has been our baby for six and a half years and never in her time have we had such allegations placed on her let alone be dangerous to another life. PLEASE help us, PLEASE  help SKY, come home to where she belongs, we miss her so much and she would be missing us terribly. FIGHT FOR SKY!!!!

We are hiring a lawyer to help us bring our baby home otherwise I’m so scared it we don’t they will win, from hearing Stories and experiences from other families who have been through similar stories it is not an easy inexpensive challenge but I can not and I will not let that happen to my SkyDog. Her enclosure has already cost us $1000 and this is only the beginning of how they work, my main concern at this point is to save my baby and I have been told it won’t be cheap and I will need help as it’s out of pocket and I’m just not sure how I’m going to do it so if you could make any donation at all, my little girl Mia and I would much appreciated and grateful for any help we could get to save our beautiful girl that needs and should be at home with us. Please and thank you xoxo This is our gofund me link if you are able to donate!

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