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Justice For 'Justice': Slaughtered Dog At Bastrop Kill Pen. ASK DA FOR MAX FELONY SENTENCE

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We ask for your signatures to support and share this petition to encourage the Prosecuting Attorney at Morehouse District Attorney ((318) 281-4907) to sentence Boots Stanley (son of top horse slaughter duo, The Stanley Bros.) for maximum sentencing for the class D felony act of animal abuse he and Steven Sadler, uploaded to FaceBook and SnapChat.

We cite a similar case in Ohio (Justice for Jethro) which brought a sentence of 45 years in jail. We the people, petition that this be given a similar outcome as means of justice. Over the weekend two known men at Bastrop Kill Pen in Lousiana video recorded and enjoyably slit a pitbull's throat four times after tying him to a slaughter bound horse and terrorizing the animal before putting it to death in Morehouse Parish.

An Active Investigation is going on, and we need to show collectively that this will not be tolerated and the law will be upheld in the highest regard before it is swept under the rug of legal loop holes.

Abuse is well known at this location and this petition means to show that the public and legal sector will not tolerate the total disregard to life and law that was exhibited within their actions.



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