Fully Implement More Student Housing Now!

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More and more students in Berkeley are finding it difficult to find housing they can afford. As enrollment rises and the Bay Area suffers from one of the worst housing crises in modern history, students are forced to make tradeoffs no student should have to make. Some have to triple and even quadruple up in rooms to make rent, some commute to class from beyond the city limits, and some even become housing insecure. Whatever the choice, high housing costs are a major obstacle to the wellbeing and educational goals of students.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The UC Administration and the City of Berkeley already have the tools to deliver housing relief to students. The University owns numerous sites near campus on which it can develop dense student housing. The City controls zoning near campus, and it can legalize the construction of thousands more beds simply by reforming zoning. Relief is a question of will, not ability.

Student housing relief simply can’t wait.

In February, the Berkeley City Council passed the More Student Housing Now resolution, which would reform zoning in the Southside area to create thousands of affordable and market-rate beds for students. However, the plan still requires consideration by the Planning Commission before it can go into effect. The University has said its student housing plans will abide by city zoning, so enacting More Student Housing Now is key to building the housing students need and deserve.

Tell the City to prioritize More Student Housing Now!