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Stop Upwork from screwing over its freelancers!

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Really, Upwork?

Upwork has recently decided to raise the (already rather high) fees over its freelancers. Freelancers that work with clients on jobs under $500 get a whopping 20%(!!!) taken off their earnings. The more you earn, the less you get taken from, which is a real hindrance to any of the smaller jobs one might decide to take. It makes no sense, unless you're on the receiving end of the fees.


Let's say you have earned $12,000 with a client. This means you will be charged $600 as fee, instead of the original $1200 right?


It means you will be charged:

$100 for the initial $500
$950 for the next $9500,
$100 for the last $2000.

So the fee will be ($100+$950+$100 = $1150 )

In other words, unless you go $20k or $30k with one client, you will get punished not rewarded.

(A legitimate case of a long-term client.)

I'll ask this again.

Really, Upwork?

Please, help us change this back. So many people rely on the income boost from the clients on Upwork. Don't let this corporation destroy the small men behind all the work!

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