More New Attractions for Disneyland and Disney CA Adventure that Disney should build

More New Attractions for Disneyland and Disney CA Adventure that Disney should build

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Started by Taran Kaynes

So Disney has been working hard and develop many attractions for fans and guests for beloved Park.


Disney has created so many attractions, but Disney announced that

Disney is already planned for their future 6 expansions projects each for Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park such as Frozen Land, Tangled Land and Peter Pan Land at Disneyland Park and Tron, Toy Story Land and Zootopia Land at Disney California Adventure Park has already planned for the future for fans awaits since Disney released website at Disneyland Forward projects is still processing all the developing for newest expansions to make an entire new lands for each Disneyland Resort.

Along with Avatar Experience as maybe Pandora The World of Avatar


But as guests would also hope for Disney should also create add and something more and in to build what to replace and what to relocate.


As also first


in adding attractions for 


Disneyland Park anaheim

Disney should also plan to build

one to replace one remove attraction

two things to remove two attractions and dining and entertainment is

to REMOVE  "BUZZ LIGHTYEAR's ASTRO BLASTER and/or STAR WARS LAUNCH BAY (aka Tomorrowland Expo Center/formerly Innoventions) to make way for new 

immersive dark show ride SHOW BUILDING for

STITCH's Alien Encounter Greet character and with

1. STITCH's GREAT ESCAPE (where it was formerly used to be shown at Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Orlando Florida as sadly it permanently closed and since Disney is plan to make live action Lilo and Stitch film really soon and so for Stitch's fan,


as one thing could return to Disney park in USA is first to land on Tomorrowland to REPLACE Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster and/or Star Wars Launch Bay,


which means meet and greet character with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren will now have to move to new location to walk to meet and greet at STAR WARS GALAXY's EDGE instead where all Star Wars land related characters, but Star Tours will still remain only in Tomorrowland, so while this new Tomorrowland expansion to build construction, as everything rest of the Tomorrowland attractions must still KEEP REMAIN as SPACE MOUNTAIN as new name LIGHTYEAR MOUNTAIN and keep CAPTAIN EO, and STAR TOURS THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES will should still keep open forever,

but also after remove Buzz Lightyear ride, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster will still be at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Orlando Florida and since Disney already processing Toy Story Land is coming to Disney California Adventure park as DL forward projects going on.

But however Disney can retheme Space Mountain into “Lightyear Mountain” as 2022 Disney’s Lightyear as upcoming film released, which can use Buzz Lightyear ride for Space Mountain in new Tomorrowland in Disneyland Resort.



As Tomorrowland Terrace show where they now do Pixar stage show will now have remove to relocate and put at the Pixar Pier area is and Pizza Planet as rocket should also move to DCA and remove Pizza Planet name off Tomorrowland cafe formerly as Pizza Port, and should now rename into Tomorrowland Cafe or Tomorrowland Diner, and Disney California Adventure Park for rename from Pasta, Pizza and Salad in Pixar Pier area to rename into Pizza Planet there instead.


As Disney imagineer should create to hire same actor who play original voice of Captain Gantu as Stitch's Great Escape show to revoice change line saying include alien character “I think he is heading to California” and Captain Gantu should say: "Florida? What's Florida" to rerecord into "California?" What's California?" and reimage from Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle to use reshoot at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park anaheim and Chris Sanders should revoice rerecord change "Cinderella your prince is here into "Princess Aurora your prince is here." to make Disney magic and reimagine it for California but special effects should use first time as same effects that used as Florida that same with Stitch crawling audience and smells and same voice recorded in studio that used for Florida and stuff and same thrilling intense.



2. Baymax ride (is a flying saucer as used opened first for Tokyo Disneyland Japan,

but it is also cool to build new acre room land for Tomorrowland is to remove Tomorrowland terrace along with Tomorrowland Galatic Grill should sadly have to go to make way for huge Baymax ride.


3. Disneyland’s Captain EO

(Starring Michael Jackson 3D attraction)


(Disneyland should bring back Michael Jackson Captain EO 3D back to reopen Tomorrowland theater attraction along while making new overhauling Tomorrowland revamping in Disneyland.


Captain EO in Tomorrowland overhauling more revamping expansion construction working on


Is also construct Michael Jackson Captain EO 3D attraction inside Tomorrowland theater inside venue with underneath seats to make FLOOR movement will move again bouncing and shaking floor for ride system feels like 4DX similar with digital screen projectors with 70 milli-meter motion picture with returning with smoke effects, laser effects, starfield effects to bring back to make sci-fi space fantasy with 3D purple pair glasses as well to bring back Michael Jackson Captain EO for fan-favorite Disneyland ride of 1986 classic Disneyland history.)



and for Disney California Adventure Park attractions:


  1. STITCH ENCOUNTER in Disney California Adventure Park is time to retheme and replace the old TALK with CRUSH TURTLE interactive experience, into new disney animated fan-favorite classic animated character to new interact with STITCH as STITCH ENCOUNTER has been opened some many Disney Parks such as in Asia, and now it is first time STITCH ENCOUNTER also must begin to new sci-fi outer space as Disney California Adventure park guests must enter to board Stitch's spaceship and guests will sit their seats benches like Tokyo Disneyland where floor rumbling and shaking movement floor will also use ride system while interact with Stitch which would be cool use and language will be ENGLISH as for Disney California Adventure Park.


2. LAZYTOWN Show Dance Party 

(Is time to retheme Disney Junior Dance Party, as Disney now should get permission to buy Lazytown Entertainment and Paramount and Nickelodeon to have contract to have live on stage to open new show for

LAZYTOWN show Dance Party first time to replace Disney Junior Dance Party for kids would love it and dance and sing along and Disney must get permission to own LazyTown Entertainment to now release streaming LazyTown all TV Series to stream on Disney plus and Disney Channel to premiere first time for kids never seen it before which should be interested for the new show as well with live actors including character Stephanie and more LazyTown fan-favorite characters with also meet and greet characters as well.





3. Disney Descendants Peak to retheme and replace

old Grizzly Peak 

and so Disney fans would be interested in to visit Auradon Prep castle, as the ride system will still be the same but new screen project to new projector 70 meter-million for new soaring ride and that SOARING OVER THE WORLD along with that old building should now REMODEL and REBUILD to REDESIGN to make replica as AURADON PREP castle and so it would immersive to surprise for Descendants and

Rename Grizzly River Run should reskin into BEN's Enchanted Lake but the rapid will still remain the same but update new remodel and shape and some adding characters 

and turning Grizzly Peak into Descendants Peak for

Disney California Adventure Park.


So Disney Imagineers must make fans happy and make guests interest their experience to explore the new chapters as well, to make reality.


Future reimagine for Tomorrowland in new revamp Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park anaheim california is to add to put together attractions list:


New revamp future for OVERHAULING new Tomorrowland expansion Disneyland Park anaheim list: (Since D23 Expo will be helding event on this September 2022, but hopefully for new OVERHAUL Tomorrowland should be better that Disney should do on these list for new entire lands for overhauling Tomorrowland in Disneyland:


1. Stitch's Great Escape (for California) replaced Star Wars Launch Bay/Tomorrowland Expo Center (aka Innoventions) and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster

2. Tomorrowland Diner (renamed to replace Pizza Planet/Pizza Port)

3. Lightyear Mountain

(retheme Classic Space Mountain)

4. Captain EO (Michael Jackson Captain EO attraction remain permanent REopen forever in endless)

(remain Captain EO to keep permanent open forever) and (REPLACE to REMOVE all Sneak Preview Tomorrowland Theater/Path of the Jedi/Honey I Shrunk the Audience etc)

5. Happy Ride with Baymax (Replace Tomorrowland Terrace stage show with Galactic Grill)


6. It’s Tough To Be A Bug

(4D A Bug’s Life classic attraction to return in one new location is at Disneyland Park Anaheim California to takeover at ADVENTURE LAND to REPLACE “The Enchanted Tiki Room” as Enchanted Tiki Room is now really old and boring show for most guests as “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” was originally former show used to be at Disney California Adventure Park was. But now bring back this time to replace old Enchanted Tiki Room to make way for return “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” with same special effects with characters animatronics to be use again for the first time in Adventure Land in Disneyland Park as exactly where they used former originally since Disney California Adventure park was used to be.


Disney California Adventure to add attractions list:

1. Stitch Encounter (replace Talk with Crush Turtle at Hollywood Land Lot in DCA)

2. LazyTown Show Dance Party (replace and reimagine the Disney Junior Dance Party at Hollywood Land Lot in DCA)

3. Descendants Peak (rename to retheme Grizzly Peak)

to retheme and reskin the Ben's River Run and Soaring Over the Descendants

in new additional reimagine in DCA



4. ADD 5 more songs with update the ride for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 

MISSION BREAKOUT ride to include with 7 songs to add 5 more songs become 12 each songs to play along with ride for each guests to ride changes songs for each guests get on the ride one at a time

to add 5 more songs include:

-PSY Gangnam Style

-BTS Butter

-The Beach Boys California Girls

-Taylor Swift Shake It Off


-Chloe Lang Party Down The Road


So New additional Disneyland Park anaheim NEW OVERHAUL TOMORROWLAND attractions list should be:

1. Astro Orbitor

2. Stitch's Great Escape

3. Lightyear Mountain

(Formerly Space Mountain)

4. Michael Jackson's Captain EO 3D

5. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues 3D

6. The Happy Ride with Baymax

(Replace Tomorrowland Terrace Stage (Pixar Fest) and Galatic Grill



PLUS LASTLY also about idea for making Bring back Michael Jackson's Captain EO @Disneyland & Epcot:


Disney should also get contract to get permission to purchase to buy Michael Jackson LLC Company to get permission with Sony Music and Michael Jackson Real Estate so that Disney can soon own Michael Jackson Company along where other Disney has owned such as Lucasfilm like Star Wars, Marvel, 20th Century Fox for example.

As after tragedy death of George Floyd for racist discrimination hateful by Former police officers who were racist against Black people and murdered George Floyd. As Michael Jackson is one of Black people as well.

To be respect Michael Jackson to also respect Black Lives Matter to be peace and love with all human races is to bring back Captain EO for honoring Black Lives Matter.

So Disney should stop showing any showcase sneak peek in any upcoming new movies or shows, as any upcoming latest sneak showcase extended sneak peek or preview should NOW only show on DISNEY PLUS ONLY and YouTube and Everywhere public cinemas theatres OUTSIDE of any Disney theme parks.


No more any showcase sneak peek in any Disney theme parks and also Disney should get rid of Honey I shrunk the audience in the trash.


Star Wars path of the Jedi no longer need to show anymore because Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is now already exist.


No more Pixar short film, Captain EO needs to comeback to open and stay open forever alive as Captain EO is similar to Star Tours. Captain EO is also owned by both Disney and Lucasfilm, George Lucas has been created Star Wars and Captain EO too as well.

Captain EO is science fiction fantasy fun thrill experience outer space adventure attraction of all time in Disneyparks in USA at both coast.

Disneyland and Epcot the new rename add title is should name permanent reopening attraction should become:


to add logo and add new title both Tomorrowland theater to rename Captain EO Theater and Magic Eye Theater at Future World in Epcot Walt Disney World

(as should permanently closure to remove Pixar short at Epcot to make way return Captain EO again and again to stay open Captain EO forever with never end closing ever again,

even replace Star Wars Path of the Jedi and replace Showcase sneak preview theater to return Captain EO again to reopen forever with permanently forever endless that ever be closing again and again.)


Since Michael Jackson is world famous singer include Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal and etc and so that fans can recognize that Captain EO is Michael Jackson and so Disney Imagineers team and with Lucasfilm to create Disney Concept art with model design venue and new name as



(formerly name “Captain EO at Disneyland


(Reopening name: “Captain EO TRIBUTE at Disneyland 2010-2014)

(Now permanently forever reopening attraction to stay forever name:




Michael Jackson Captain EO

after pandemic Disney should bring back Michael Jackson CAPTAIN EO 3D ride at both Tomorrowland Theater in Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California and Epcot, Walt Disney World in both coast  2 Disneyparks in USA.

Special effects they should use:


-Bring back Purple 3D pair glasses

-Ceiling above to bring back smoke FOG effects and laser effects lasers, laser impacts and starfield effects filled to the theater as well

-Restore Digital HD Vision for this Captain EO classic screening projectors with high volume quality technology clean version audio musical number clean quality remastered and video HD restore clean screen quality new clean vision with giant like imax screen 70 milli-meter projectors in the both USA venue theaters.


-Bouncing and shaking seats floor movement ride system

-Wind and air conditioner

-Plus in additional add more effects for CAPTAIN EO both Disneyland Resort anaheim and Epcot Walt Disney World both coasts USA as scene ending part during song "Another Part of Me" by Michael Jackson continue song playing where audiences see black screen then the last when CAPTAIN EO's Spaceship starting depart to fly off at the end of the scene, which also Disney should also add big huge cloudy smoke huge foggy spray effects towards audiences in the seats as formerly used foggy spray effects just like scene "Bug Doom Spray" as where they did use that formerly "A Bug's Life Theater" since A Bug's Land that used to be in Disney California Adventure Park that scene Doom Spray fog towards audiences to make feel audience stay hydrated and good cool refrigerated, plus Disney should add that to Epcot Magic Eye Theater for Walt Disney World Orlando Florida as well as while under refurbishment refreshing and making construction for the return of the permanent signature attraction classic Captain EO to reopen both Disneyland and Walt Disney World to stay forever to keep Captain EO forever with permanently endless of reclosing anymore.


So Captain EO should be stay Opening forever at Disneyland and Walt Disney World forever as part of both Disney and Lucasfilm for MJ's fans for Michael's legacy and Disneyparks legacy in history for all time.

PLUS also about while returning CAPTAIN EO back to the original permanently home to both Disneyland and Epcot theater

as Disney, George Lucas and Disney Imagineers teams to work on

hiring new actor who can play new hologram face character role for

new COMMANDER BOG during Captain EO inside spaceship movie scene

that use visual industry and lighting with magic cgi illusion effects to replace the old unknown actor DICK SHAWN as

since MAGNUS SCHEVING is well known as original creator LazyTown and he was also original formerly character he played "Sportagus" since LazyTown series season 1 through 4 and for Magnus fan.


It would be cool that Disney and Disney Imagineering Team and Lucasfilm Team including George Lucas to contract and hire actor icelandic star who also speaks English as also family comedian actor

MAGNUS SCHEVING as new reimagine hologram face of new role COMMANDER BOG to be replaced Dick Shawn's role for making new enhance like a special edition version of CAPTAIN EO, just like Star Wars episode 5 and 6 for example

when Disney and Lucafilm and Fox has been hired Ian McDiarmid to appeared character Darth Sidious Emperor Palpatine that appeared first original Star Wars 6, 1, 2, and 3 before episode 9 and before Obi Wan series, that replaced the old actor who played hologram Darth Sidius scene from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back by:

Clive Revill and Star Wars 6 Return of the Jedi as special edition when Hayden Christensen had replaced Anakin Skywalker as Jedi spirit at the end scene in Star Wars 6 in special edition that replaced the original version Star Wars 6 1983 that replaced old actor original Anakin as spirit was played by Sebastian Shaw except still appeared as human Anakin in both original and special edition in the scene where Anakin died in the death Star scene from Star Wars return of the jedi.


So Disney and Imagineers and George Lucas and Lucasfilm teams and Disneyland Park cast members and Epcot Walt Disney World cast members to collaborate together to HIRE and CONTRACT to hire

MAGNUS SCHEVING as (new replacement character role Commander Bog during EO's spaceship scene to be replaced Dick Shawn)




to make visualize to look like interact with Captain EO (Michael Jackson) and the rest of his gang characters in the scene while under way to make under refurbishment in new beautiful design remodel Tomorrowland Theater to change into CAPTAIN EO Theater with entry exterior should be look like update the enterance exterior of Supreme Leader Witch's top head antenna where guests can walk through and waiting for


to see to door opens as while watching pre-show Captain EO


but not as title Captain EO TRIBUTE but adding Captain EO logo on original screen as pre-show before entering the theater to make theater Captain EO theater cosmic intergalatic outer spacey theme like Star Wars like for example.




Since Captain EO belongs to Disney and Lucasfilm, as DisneyParks youtube should document in the making of "Rereturn Captain EO both Disneyland and Walt Disney World" with new COMMANDER BOG star "Magnus Scheving".




Then Captain EO to be return to reopen again and again 3rd and stay open forever, as REannounce CAPTAIN EO 3rd time permanently RE GRAND REOPENING RECEREMONY that Disney should invite stars Anjelica Huston, Disney CEO, and also introduce with new actor after first time played NEW replacement for character NEW Commander Bog by MAGNUS SCHEVING


and of course George Lucas to have permanently cut the ribbon once again before the 2nd Disneypark for Epcot later to celebration ceremony as well to have advertise and ads on Captain EO Michael Jackson returns to Disneyland and Walt Disney World big post ads on Drive freeway road with ads Billboard sign wall everywhere where the cars drivers and passengers and


So that  everyone can see every new Captain EO return to Disneyparks during passing driving freeway and rest of public to later date.


Example for Video link from original clip at Disneyland recorded in 1997

1. from original version Captain EO with bring back to return to use again with original special effects as laser and smoke FOG effects

and along with




2. 2010 Captain EO tribute at Disneyland

with 3D and bouncing floor shaking floor movement ride system effect

As return again 3rd time permanently reopen Captain EO both Disneyparks in both coast in USA California and Florida


that Disney should watch both links YouTube videos to learn operate to use both 1986 original effects with 2010 tribute effects in all mix together to make more sci-fi space experience like Star Tours simulation and add commercial tv should advertise again for this.


NEW for Disney should plan to make new documentary feature film for new Disney plus about New documentary about reopening again and again about “Disney’s Michael Jackson’s CAPTAIN EO: The Legacy: Documentary Feature film”

start intro logo with Disney + and classic Michael Jackson opening logo


and feature presentation for new 2 hours documentary in


Disneyland’s Michael Jackson’s Captain EO: The new 2 hours documentary feature film of Legacy

for 2 hours to make to reopen again


for Captain EO at Tomorrowland theater in Disneyland park Anaheim California USA first before 2nd at Epcot at WDW Orlando Florida at a later date.


So honor about tradition as love and respect for Black Lives Matter celebrate for 3rd time to reopen again and again and keep Captain EO at Disneyland to stay remain open forever and never ever removed again anymore.


So the director that Disney should be hire

MATT LACHMAN who should lead both Director and producer for making reopening Captain EO forever documentary feature film for Disney plus


to start pre-production to start shooting the film on location at Tomorrowland Theater


and inside Captain EO attraction theater space opera venue during the show begins where footage show screening movie with Michael Jackson as Captain EO with his companions in the scene with smoke and laser effects filled with the theater to return effects above the ceiling and wind, air conditioning with ride system moving and shaking floor for ride where audience in the seats feels


ride movement at the same time to be shooting film and documentary to interview which Disney should hire 16 celebrities as a 16 SPECIAL GUESTS


from the films and tv series to come all the way to Disneyland park Anaheim to visit Tomorrowland and explore Captain EO inside and showing how it’s done all science fiction experience with 3D space adventure


which producer by Matt who did produced as same the one who did “STAR WARS: GALAXY’s EDGE: ADVENTURE AWAITS” in 2019.




Disney should contact and contract to hire crew and 16 SPECIAL GUESTS STARS and cast of Captain EO:



1. Producer/Director: Matt Lachman


2. Co-executive producer: Bill Bracken

3. executive producer/executive director:

Brad Lachman


16 Special Guests actors and actresses to be in this documentary film is listed this as required


but no others than this is only required listed to be hire as following this name of these people that Disney should contact and contract and hire:


1. DOVE CAMERON as Herself

2. CHERYL YEO XIN PEI as Herself

(She is known her first movie 2012 Jack Neo’s We Not Naughty) as known role as Nicole

Contact and contract her info:

Contact her: (selection list contact her)

+44 20 7323 3888



Broctagon Fintech Group


14 Robinson Road #06-01, Singapore 048545


Phone: +44 161 883 1666 (ask to reach out to Cheryl Yeo to contract with her)


LinkedIn contact her to connect and send message or comment her on her activity at


Facebook message her on her messenger to hire


Twitter @lithiumroses




Instagram @ohmycheryl




Or call


Polytechnic Singapore


+65 6788-2000


To ask reach out to Cheryl YEO to be contract to hire


Or contact

Jack Neo imdb director to hire to bring her in this her second film


(as well known as role since character as Nicole from

Jack Neo\'s We Not Naughty (2012))

-Cheryl Yeo’s first film We Not Naughty

as Nicole Tan


-Cheryl Yeo Xin Pie’s first full 2 clips We Not Naughty in Solarmovie site to watch (English subtitle) as Nicole Tan

Cheryl Yeo Xin Pei speaks both Mandarin and English as she is very talented young actress and singing really well too.


3. LAUREN POTTER as Herself

4. WILL SMITH as Himself
5. ADAM DRIVER as Himself

6. ANJELICA HUSTON as Herself/Supreme Leader Witch/Good Queen



7. JOE PESCI as Himself

8. MARK HAMILL as Himself


9. DAISY RIDLEY as Herself









14. SUGA (Suga of BTS member) as Himself


15. GEORGIE HENLEY as Herself


16. LAUREN DONZIS as Herself



And the rest of the imagineers and teams with George Lucas, Francis Ford Corppola, Anjelica Huston, CEO Bob Chapek, Former CEO Bob Iger and formerly CEO Michael Eisner to also interview to show it’s done before to revisit to reopen again to make this new documentary feature film for Captain EO forever at Disneyparks on Disney plus.





With exclusive footage also should show more George Lucas and Disney Imagineers has been created other


Lucasfilm and Disneyland attractions that take each 2 groups separate each of


8 people split as

1st group of 8 people as:

“Dove Cameron, “Cheryl Yeo Xin Pei”, “Lauren Potter”, “Adam Driver”, “Will Smith”, “CHRIS TUCKER”, “Lauren Donzis”, and “Georgie Henley”








2nd group of 8 people as:

“Anjelica Huston”, “Joe Pesci”, “Daisy Ridley”, “Mark HAMILL”, “Helena Marie ELIOTT”, “Chloe Lang”, “Julianna Rose MAURIELLO”  “Suga (from member of BTS)”




to have split 2 groups of 8 people each to discover experience to joining and hop on to the attraction such as


“Captain EO”, “Star Tours The Adventure Continues”,


“Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge 2 attractions with Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run (2 pilots Dove Cameron and Cheryl Yeo Xin Pei/gunners: Lauren Potter & Adam Driver/engineers: Will Smith & Mark HAMILL) to shooting b-roll footage




and all 8 people to shooting film on First order fleet vehicle transport during whole full ride through footage of


Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance which should be filming on ride where 8 passengers each to split to make good room for split 16 people:


1st split for 8 riders for: “Cheryl Yeo Xin Pei”, “Dove Cameron”, “Adam Driver”, “Lauren Potter”, “Daisy Ridley”, “Mark HAMILL”, “Will Smith” “Helena Marie ELIOTT”.


and split for another 8 passengers for “Chloe Lang” (known Stephanie from TV series Lazytown), Julianna Rose Mauriello also Stephanie as original actor known as role for former star as


Stephanie from original LazyTown series), Anjelica Huston, Chris Tucker, Joe Pesci, Georgie Henley, Suga of BTS, and Lauren Donzis.


to be first on riding on First order transport fleet to be filming in Virtual full ride through video footage during Star Wars Rise of the Resistance


and filming all their reaction along with Captain EO.


Along with filming even drinking Blue and Green Milk at Milk Stand and filming inside Cantina bar to show them all beverages drinks they can drink.


As 16 actors in a group together and also and 16 guests celebrities also can be feature themselves walk through queue and full ride with INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE Temple of the Forbidden Eye


to be film as another Lucasfilm have created to be show this feature as well too.


As Disney should also show glimpse footage original Star Tours and Old Captain EO version first original opened scenes and more documentary feature film to bring it to life to new Disney plus documentary feature film,



with permission recap footage to also shows with


Michael Jackson’s old classic include:


1969 and/or 1971 Jackson 5 at Ed Sullivan live,


The Wiz,

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough music video,

Billie Jean (Motown 25 yesterday, today and forever live 1983),

Billie Jean music video,

Thriller music video,

Michael Jackson Bad,

Black or White,

Michael Jackson Bad World Tour 1988 Wembley recap, Michael Jackson Dangerous live at the Bucharest 1992 recap,

Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal music video from Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker 1988,

Michael Jackson’s This Is It recap 2009 and etc.


All Michael Jackson’s old to new movies can be streaming permanently sell on Disney plus right after Disney first get permission from MJ Real Estate Agents


to buy to own that company as well.

Disney also get permission to buy Sony Music Entertainment company as well to also own Michael Jackson Company and Optimum Productions as well.


Filming location at Captain EO, Tomorrowland, Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort, Anaheim California USA.





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