More Free Car Parking Gosford

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Recent population growth, along with current and future business and residential growth in the Gosford region, is creating a critical shortage of car parking in our area. In particular, in the Gosford CBD.

We currently have a situation where potentially hundreds of local employees are either not able to find car parking, have to pay to park in car parks with limited available spaces, or are forced to continually move their cars from timed parking spots to avoid parking fines.

Many of the timed parking spaces are in areas where there are no retail shops, mainly businesses where employees should be able to park without risking fines. Additionally, the public should not have to risk their personal safety by parking in remote and unlit areas in order to attend their place of employment.

The current focus on the development and growth of the Gosford area should be placing car parking as a critical necessity. It seems we may also soon lose the Marketplace parking site, already at capacity on any working day.

We, the workers of the Gosford CBD, are calling for action on the provision of more car parking in this area. This will enable local businesses, retail shoppers, and visitors, to invest more in our area, leading to positive growth and development in Gosford.