More content and updates for Ghost recon breakpoint

More content and updates for Ghost recon breakpoint

April 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ksenija Krantz

I have contacted several different groups of ghost recon breakpoint players, from the dedicated MILSIM to the bloodthirsty PVP players as well as the regular Jhon Smith who just started playing through the story and we are in agreement.


This petition is made to show ubisoft that GRB still have an active and dedicated player base who feel abandoned by ubisoft's latest statement on the game.

We want to demand :

  1. Ubisoft to continue patching bugs and doing regular maintenance.
  2. New maps and updates to Ghost war. (PVP)
  3. New content like opening up the clouded island, gear and weapons. Across all platforms PC, Playstation and Xbox. 
  4. PVP Tournaments
  5. Fix the PVP leaderbord 
  6. A closure to Nomads story in the form of new content.

We would also like to suggest:

  1. Cross play between Playstation, Xbox and PC. 
  2. The ability to play the original story completely offline.

If ubisoft chooses to abandon breakpoint compleatly they will huge a loose a huge part of their player base, because people have and are putting in insane hours, blood sweat and tears. (Litterally, I've both cried bleed and sweated while playing this no joke!) But we have also built communities, groups of extreamly dedicated players.

Groups like the MILSIM community that is huge. They build their own campaigns and walk through them tactically and with real world military tactics. They spend hours creating them, training new MILSIM players and build their platoons with real military titles.

Then we have the raiders. People who have gone through litterally THOUSANDS of raids to perfect them and then help new raiders to figure our and train them in the ART of raiding! 

We have the PVP community that have felt pretty much left out the entire time. We crave more attention to the GHOST wars, this far the lack of attention to us have made alot dissapear. But most of them come back to check in if we have gotten updates, new maps and bug fixes. We also have a huge amount of players that have been playing PVP since the game launched! We are hungry for attention and we spend so, so soo much time in this game and now we are scared that the severs will shut down and there really is no other game that has this kind of unique 3rd person PVP that is not JUST run and gun but makes you use tactics to outsmart your enemy.

We are not ready to give up Ghost recon breakpoint and we want to continue to play this 3rd person shooter. We aren't really excited for a FPS, we want this game improved. And we are not ready to give it up.

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Signatures: 1,313Next Goal: 1,500
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