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More baby rooms to be allocated in every mall and public places in Malaysia

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We always talk about basic human needs and human rights. We talk about freedom of speech, of religion, and etc. But many corporates and governments forget the simplest of all basic needs. Nourishment for our babies in the form of breastfeeding.

I have started a petition to request that all malls, big or small in Malaysia to allocate adequate baby rooms and also to allow mothers to have the freedom to breastfeed their babies anywhere at anytime. It is the most basic of needs for our babies. And yet, it is the least of concern by many parties.

Many mothers are discriminated, judged, shamed and evicted of a premise just for providing and giving nourishment to their babies by breastfeeding.

Please join me in this journey to fight for the rights of our babies to be able to eat anywhere and everywhere. With no discrimination or judgement.

You need not be a mother, or even a mother who is breastfeeding. As long as you believe that a defenseless baby should and can be fed anywhere at anytime and not hide in the toilet to be fed, then sign this petition and join me in this walk for the freedom of feeding our babies.

Thank you and God bless. Please do spread this message far and wide and lets get us as many signatures as possible.

This is the most basic human right. The freedom to eat whenever, wherever. For our babies. No mothers should be told not to feed their babies anywhere at anytime. No mothers should be made to feel ashamed or feel like they are breaking any law just to give their babies the most basic need of nourishment. More proper and adequate baby rooms should be allocated in each and every mall, big or small.



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