Requesting the government lift 'Command Post' it declared on Western and Southern Oromia

Requesting the government lift 'Command Post' it declared on Western and Southern Oromia

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Ermias T Daba started this petition to Ethiopian and Oromia Governments

Uummati lixaa fi kibba Oromiyaa keessa jiraatan sababa LYM seeraan alaatiin dhiphachaa fi dararamaa jiru.

People living in western and southern parts of Oromia are being terrorised because of the presence of military forces mission to attack OLA.

You can find what was going on from the continuous reports from

Here is another article describing the depth of the situation 

Partial Lists of people killed in different parts of Oromia (16th  February, 2018-16th April 2019)
(A4O, 20 Finfinnee 2019) The Ethiopian ODP-led EPRDF regime continues its persistent genocidal actions against innocent and unarmed civilians of Oromos who attempt to exercise their democratic rights.

Documented human rights violations record showed that increase in human rights abuse correlates closely with increase in political cases. Regarding the Oromos documented human rights violations committed to it includes mass massacre, extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, torture, displacement and forced conscription remained non-ending war.

Lammii Beenyaa, an Oromo human rights activist, compiled lists of 210 Oromos who killed in different parts of Oromia since the controversial State of emergency was reinstated on 16th February, 2018.

(Compiled by Lammii Beenyaa, an Oromo human rights activist)

For more information: Lists of people killed Partial Lists of people killed in different parts of Oromia


And this is also another article showing the depth of the situation

Ethiopia: Transition to Democracy at a Crossroads, Persistent Human Rights Violations and Harassment Continue Unabated

HRLHA Press Release
May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019
The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) is seriously concerned about the human rights violations in Ethiopia that have continued unabated after the new Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018. Ethiopians and people of the world expected a significant decline in gross human rights abuses the EPRDF has committed over two decades. However, arbitrary arrests, killings, and harassments have widely continued unabated in Oromia Regional State including in Finfinnee. Harassments in the rural Oromia Regional State including looting and destroying personal properties, killing domestic animals and arresting family members by Federal military forces in Oromia Regional State in Western Oromia, in Wallagga four zones and in Southern Oromia in Gujii Eastern and Western zones- with the pretext of supporting Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters by the federal military- are among the ongoing government repressions in Oromia.
According to the HRLHA informants in different parts of Oromia, at least 140 Oromos- mostly youth- have been killed and over 383 others have been detained in different prisons in Oromia zones including in Finfinne/Addis Ababa the capital city by the current government military forces since the new Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018.
The following are among Oromos detained in different prisons as reported by HRLHA informants in different parts of Oromia Zones and Finfinne/Addis Ababa (See list on Page 3)

Ethiopia’s ethnic conflicts could destabilize the democratic reforms
Today, the ethnic conflicts between nations and nationalities in Ethiopia have spread across the country; these have claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced over 3.5 million from their livelihoods. The long-standing border crossing attack by the “Liyu Hayil” special force from Ethiopian Somali against Oromos in the Eastern Hararge districts, Southern Oromia Borana, Gujii and Bale zones, has caused the eviction over one million Oromos from Ethiopia’s Somali region in 2017. Most of these people remain displaced.
The conflict between Gujii Oromo and Gedeo caused the eviction of half a million people from Oromia’s Guji areas. The victims are living today in appalling conditions in schools and temporary camps.
The border conflict between Amhara and Oromo in the northern part of Oromia, in Kamise and Wallo Oromos, and the conflict between the Oromo and Gumuz nations in the West, show that the current Ethiopian government has lost control or is not willing to enforce the constitutional rights of the citizens regarding territorial integrity of regional states.
Recently, the conflicts between Amhara and Gumuz ethnic groups has escalated and many lives have been lost. From 29th April to May 2, 2019, over 250 Gumuz people- including children and pregnant women- have been reportedly murdered in Hawi Zone of Amhara Regional State by Amhara armed groups. This is an alarming situation and shows that the country is heading towards a more complex ethnic-based war unless the government take serious measures to control it.
In April 2018, as Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power, tens of thousands of political prisoners were released, and previously banned political organizations were allowed to operate freely by lifting the repressive laws. However, the Prime Minister’s many motivational speeches presumably designed to connect the past history of the country to its present and help to rebuild Ethiopia has created suspense as to his commitment to many nations and nationalities from across the country who expected their grievances of several years would be resolved in a way they think provides a sustainable solution. Nations and nationalities who were unhappy with the speeches of the Prime Minister about the past historical formation of the country were forced to voice their historic grievances that they have been fighting for over many years. Among the many long-standing grievances the nations and nationalities in Ethiopia are asking the government to solve are equality, land rights, political, economic and, social rights and good governance. These grievances are part of the four years of Oromo protest demands which began in April 2014 and continued to April 2018 until the EPRDF government was forced to change its policies- and that brought Dr. Abiy Ahmed to power.
As it has been said “Justice delayed is Justice denied”- if wrong is not corrected within a reasonable period of time, it is as though the wrong were not corrected at all.
In the same manner, delaying solving the nations and nationalities grievances, equality, justice and good governance has increased the tensions between the people and the government and clashes between ethnic groups. This inability or unwillingness to resolve the grievances of the nations and nationalities could escalate to a level at which the government could totally lose control over the country.

HRLHA’s Recommendations
In order to tackle all challenges to ensure the optimism and hope of Ethiopians to transform the country into a democracy, the government of Ethiopia should:
• Take urgent steps to restore law and order based on the Federal constitution of the country
• Release political prisoners, including Colonel Gemechu Ayana, to keep the PM of Ethiopia’s promises that no more persons will be arrested for his/her political affiliations
• Uphold Prime Minister Dr.Abiy’s promises of unity and inclusion among the nations and nationalities and turn them into tangible strategies based on a Federalism system that is targeted at encouraging social cohesion by responding to longstanding grievances of nations and nationalities in the country
• Seek strategies based on the Federal Constitution to prevent and resolve violent ethnic conflicts and clashes among regional states and within each state by establishing an early warning system and establishing a conflict controlling mechanism and bring the perpetrators of human rights abusers to justice including members of regional “Liyu Hayil “ special force members
• Undertake concrete economic reforms to address young men and women’s expectations by creating jobs so that those who have graduated from colleges and universities are not left on the streets without any means to survive

# Name Detained Recidential Place
1 Dr. Dinqisa Qanno Finfinne/Addis Ababa Nekemt, Wallagga
2 Colonel Gemechu Ayana Finfinne/AA Finfinnee/AA
3 Tegegn Regassa Finfinne/AA Horo Guduru, Wallagga
4 Getachew Gemeda Finfinne/AA Horo Guduru, Wallagga
5 Ingineer Isirael Lamu Finfinne/AA Burayu Town
6 Gutu Qana’a Finfinne/AA Ayira, Wallagga
7 Gada Samuel Finfinne/AA Burayu Town
8 Shimelis Lamu Finfinne/AA Gambella
9 Jaleta Legisa Finfinne/AA Gambella
10 Gutema Kebede Finfinne/AA Sebeta Town
11 Sintayehu Mengistu Finfinne/AA Horo Guduru, Wallagga
12 Bonsa Mulu Finfinne/AA Horo Guduru, Wallagga
13 Abdi Ebbisa Finfinne/AA Mendi, Wallagga
14 Kisii Kituma Finfinnee/AA Ambo Town
15 Haji Yunus Mustafa Finfinne/AA Begi, Wastern Wallagga
16 Shekh Shaban Dhaaba Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
17 Bonsa Abara Finfinne/AA Nekemt, Wallagga
18 Amanuel Ejigu Finfinne/AA Nekemt, Wallaga
19 Fra’ol Daniel Finfinne/AA Nekemt, Wallagga
20 Qajela Eebissa Finfinne/AA Babo Gambel, Western Wallagga
21 Lammessa Takele Finfinne/AA Horo Guduru, Wallagga
22 Inspector Dorombas Chuko Finfinne/AA Danbi Dollo, Western Wallagga
23 Sajin Wadajo Melkamu Finfinne/AA Dambi Dollo, Western Wallagga
24 Sajin Ungula Bekele Finfinne/AA Gaba Arbi/Dambi Dollo, W. Wallagga
25 Kadhii Roba Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
26 Jabessa Korju Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
27 Boru Korju Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
28 Adula Galchu Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
29 Qilxa Balli Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
30 Ture Waqo Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
31 Gulu Bariso Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
32 Qosarre Roba Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
33 Mitto Gammade Gujii,Biqiltu Town Guji Zone in dugda Dawe district
34 Dejene Mammo Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
35 Lema Feyisa Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
36 Jigssa Feyera Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
37 Alemayehu Olani Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
38 Feyisa Lemma Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
39 Dejene Kitaba Ambo, Town Ambo, Shewa
40 Kasaye Kenenisa Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
41 Oli Duruma Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
42 Qabso Duruma Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
43 Menge Teferi Ambo Town Ambo, Shewa
44 Sefu Amanu Aliyi Waliso Town Waliso, Shewa
45 Degefa Beyene Nekemt Town Nekemt, Wallagga
46 Zerhun Chanalew Nekemt Town Nekemt, Wallagga
47 Solomon Dheressa Nekemt Town Nekemt, Wallagga
47 Dr. Mitiku Getachew Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
48 Abebe Mamo Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
49 Leta Tamene Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
50 Leqa Fekadu Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
51 Gemechu Tekle Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
52 Tomas Tekle Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
53 Temesgen adugna Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
54 Leta Getachew Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
55 Firdisa Negassa Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
56 Fikiru Negassa Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
57 Age Feyisa (F) Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
58 Raguel Hailu Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
59 Yishaq Zelalem Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
60 Henok Yohanis Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
61 Burka Birhanu Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
62 Shanko Solomon Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
63 Elias Tesfaye Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
64 Kebena Tariku Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
65 Legesse Abetu Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
66 Idosa Getachew Nekemt, Town Nekemt, Wallagga
67 Gamachis Bekele Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
68 Abdi Iana Holota Town Holota, West Showa
69 Ibsa Igazu Holota Town Holota, West Showa
70 Abdi Mamo Najo Town Najo, West Wallagga
71 Fikiru Mosia Najo Town Najo, West Wallagga
72 Amanuel Adugna Mandi Town Mandi, West Wallagga
73 Endale Temesgen Gidda Ayana Town Horo Gudur, Wallagga
74 Olijira Qitata Gida ayana Town Horo Guduru, Wallagga
75 Teferi Galana Gida Ayana Town Horo Guduru, Wallagga
76 Zelalem Adamu Hangar-Gutin Nekemt, Wallagga
77 Warku Abeetu Hangar-Gutin Nekemt, Wallagga
78 Jibril Isa Haru Haru Wallagga
79 Nasir Isa Haru Haru, Wallagga
80 Mame Zenu Haru Haru Wallagga
81 Mustafa Abshiru Haru Haru Wallagga
82 Elias Sali Haru Haru, Wallagga
83 Belay Kebede Haru Haru, Wallagga
84 Mulatu Olijira Haru Haru, Wallagga
84 Dashura Mulatu Haru Haru , Wallagga
85 Wandime Mulatu Haru Haru Wallagga
86 Ahmed Safi BulukiraTown Harena, Hararge
87 Adem Mamad Bulukira Town Harana, Hararge
88 Kedir Mamad Haji Bulukira Town Harana, Hararge
89 Sabona Abdi Bulukira Town Harana, Hararge
90 Aba Gada Aba Borana Shambu Town Horo Gudura, Wallagga
91 Aba Gada Abishe Shambu Town Horo Guduru
92 Takele Dugassa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
93 Ebba Gindaba Shambu Town Horo Guduru
94 Zekarias Gindaba Shambu Town Horo Guduru
95 Desta Wusha Shambu Town Horo Guduru
96 Tokuma Hinsarmu Shambu Town Horo Guduru
97 Negari Terfa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
98 Aseba namomisa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
99 Teshome Dhufera Shambu Town Horo Guduru
100 Dinka Dheressa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
101 Amsalu Bekana Shambu Town Horo Guduru
102 Amsalu abdisa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
103 Adugna Gerbi Shambu Town Horo Guduru
104 Gudeta Gamada Shambu Town Horo Guduru
105 Fikadu Alemu Shambu Town Horo Guduru
106 Gaddisa Negari Shambu Town Horo Guduru
107 Merga abdisa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
108 Tadese Bayisa Shambu Town Horo Guduru
109 Tariku Dessalgn Shambu Town Horo Guduru
110 Olana Abera Shambu Town Horo Guduru
111 B/Saa Sida Wako Eastern Guji
112 Tarikuu Dade Eastern Guji
113 Harsu Areri Eastern Guji
114 Loko Galch Eastern Guji
115 Yemanu zewude Eastern Guji
116 Oda Badhu Eastern Guji
117 Kediro Ibrahim Easter Guji
118 Taha Konno Eastern Guji
119 Tahir Kasim Eastern Guji
120 Kasim Dube Eastern Guji
121 Handuke Aliyi Eastern Guji
122 Alemu Tuli Eastern Guji
123 Kono Sokora Eastern Guji
124 Oda Badhu Eastern Guji
125 Abduqadir Kasim Eastern Guji
126 Bikila Tolasa Eastern Guji
127 Siraj Hesa Eastern Guji
128 Begna Denus Eastern Guji
129 Bisile Waqo (F) Eastern Guji
130 Kamaria Usman (F) Eastern Guji
131 Sitina Shifara (F) Eastern Guji
132 Lidia Tesso (F) Eastern Guji
133 Sara Wako (F) Eastern Guji
134 Abdo Ilala Kefyalew Goro Dolara
135 Tariku Gobana Goro Dolara
136 Oda Utura Goro Dolara
137 Tariku Dugo Goro Dolara
138 Barbare Densho Goro Dolara
139 Shek Addisu Goro Dolara
140 Geleta Galano Goro Dolara
141 Hayimanot Alemu Goro Dolara
142 Guye Tefelo Bule Hora Adola, Guji
143 Ketema Shawul Bule Hora Adola, Guji
144 Kifile Jiso Bule Hora Adola, Guji
145 Tadele Kumala Bule Hora Adola, Guji
146 Hasan Yusuf Bule Hora Adola, Guji
147 Kedir Hassen Bule Hora Adola, Guji
148 Assefa Shunte Bule Hora Adola, Guji
150 Note Nanko Bule Hora Adola, Guji
151 Bariso Nanko Bule Hora Adola, Guji
152 Tilahun Barako Bule Hora Adola, Guji
153 Geno sirba Bule Hora Adola, Guji
154 Gemeda Zeleke Bule Hora Adola, Guji
155 Ahnadi Mime Bulti Bule Hora Adola, Guji
156 Badiru Mohamed (Teacher) Dambi Dollo Dambi Dollo, Western Wallagga
157 Dagaga Fetene Guliso Town Western Wallagga
158 Abiriham Tolasa Arroojjii Waddoorra Gujii
159 Inkosaa Namo. Shambu Town Horo Guduru, Wallagga
160 Lokoo Yohanis (F). Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
161 Haamzaa Abuqaadir (Teacher) GulisoTown Western Wallagga
162 Wagga Tafarra Laaloo Assabiirra. Western Wallagga
163 Immanaa Banqe Biilaarra.Town West Wallagga
164 Hailu Tamsgen Yubdo Western Wallagga
165 Tasfaye Mitikku Qilxu Kaarra Western Wallagga
166 Indaluu Tasamma Gimbi Town Westen Wallagga
167 Addamu Gondoree Laaloo Assabi Western Wallagga
168 Getaneh Guddata Amuru Horo Guduru, Wallagga
169 Warkina Fikadu Nekemt Town. Nekemt, Wallagga
170 Ing Dandi Garboshe. Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
171 Abba Gadaa Abebee Nagaasaa Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
172 Bonaa Raaga Laaloo Qile Western Wallagga
173 Tafari Dhaba Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
174 Eebbisa Getachew Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
175 Bonsa Hailu Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
176 Ingida Qusi. Finfinne/AA Finfinne/AA
177 Mitiku Dhibbisa Nole Kabba Western Wallagga
178 Temesgen Sishaa (MD) Nole Kabba. Western Wallagga
179 Waggari, ODP official Nole Kabba Western Wallagga
180 Abarre Bayisa (F) Nole Kabba. Western Wallagga
181 Abba Gada Balaay Tarfaasa Qilxu- Kaara. Western Wallagga
182 Tseggaye Wanna Mandi Town Western Wallagga
183 Gutu Tibabu Jarso Town Western Wallagga
184 Yohannis Fufa Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
185 Mitiku Yohanis Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
186 Charra Tasfaye Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
187 Tasfaye Yadata Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
188 Ragaa Kumarra Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
189 Abba Gadaa Abdoo Huseen Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
190 Yosef Abarra Gulliso Town Western Wallagga
191 Hika Eebbisa. Karra Waayyu Western Wallagga
192 Mirkata Qilxa Sabbaa Boru. Guji
193 Tesfaye Halake Sabbaa Boru Guji
194 Bekele Wachile Sabaa Boru Guji
195 Girja Jarso Sabaa Boru Guji
196 Adola Arero Buukee Sabaa Boru Guji
197 Wube Tammiru Beddelle Town Illu-Aba Bora
198 Mosisa Nagaaa Beddelle Town Illu-Aba Bora
199 Gammachis Immiru Beddelle Town Illu-Aba Bora
200 Kasahun Dabala Beddelle Illu-Aba Bora
201 Mezgebu Fixee Beddelle Illu-Aba Bora
202 Fuhad Alii Beddelle Illu-Aba Bora
203 Danbala Adulaa Wachile Guji
204 Quxala Dhadacha Kotobo Gujii
205 Dhaba Abba Xurra Sabbaa Boru Guji
206 Yatani Qilxaa Sabbaa Boru Guji
207 Dhugo Baqqajjo Sabbaa Boru Guji
208 Ayela Bariso Sabbaa Boruurra. Guji
209 Tariku Addisu WesternWallagga West Wallagga
210 Tomas Fayisa Western Wallagga West Wallagga
211 Galata Tesfaye Western Wallagga West Wallagga
212 Garoma Namomsa Western Wallagga West Wallagga
213 Gammachu Dirribsa. Horo Guduru Horo Guduru
214 Duulaa Horro Horo Guduru Horo Guduru
215 Firomsa Ayele Western Wallagga West Wallagga
216 Amanu’el Tafese Western Wallagga West Wallagga
217 Lammii Olansa Western Wallagga West Wallagga
218 Habtamu Oliiqa West Wallagga West Wallagga
219 Tammiruu Girmaa Western Wallagga Western Wallagga
220 Gaddisa Tesama Qelem Western Wallagga
221 Dassalegn Nagari Qelem Western wallagga
222 Dangulee Baqqalaa Western Wallagga Western Wallagga
To be Continued


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