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Take "Mabus" death threats seriously

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For several years Dennis Markuze has harassed and threatened scientists, writers, public figures, atheists, and their friends under the pseudonym "David Mabus". While this was previously a minor annoyance, the intensity and frequency of his communications have increased.

I believe these threats constitute a violation of Canada's statutes regarding "uttered threats".

These "Mabus" attacks now include hundreds of Twitter accounts (used and discarded as they are reported). He has threatened young boys and girls as well as adults (including Rys Morgan, 16, who was acknowledged by some in the science community for exposing a dangerous quack medical treatment). In fact, anyone who associates with scientifically and skeptically minded people like PZ Myers, Phil Plait, James Randi, Brian Dunning or Michael Shermer is likely to become a target for unsettling rants and threats to their life and well-being.

Markuze has even gone so far as to attend meetings of such people, including attending the American Atheist Convention in October 2010, held Montreal.

It is time for the police to take his threats seriously. The problem must be addressed before it escalates beyond Internet bullying and veiled threats to become something worse.  Please make a public statement whether Mr. Markuze has violated Canada's uttered threats laws (criminal code section 264).

Update: The RCMP has responded to my inquiry, declining to act:

"In the province of Quebec, the type of investigation you are requesting in your correspondence falls under the jurisdiction of provincial and municipal police agencies. We will therefore transfer your request to the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (Montreal city police). We are aware that the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal  has started an investigation on the activities of Markuze. We are confident that they will handle your complaint in a professional manner."

We await an official response from Montreal Police on whether they consider the constant stream of threats to be criminal.

Important Reminder: Please do not engage with or contact the accused.  That is the job of the police.  This petition is purely to demand action and a public statement from Montreal Police or other relevant authorities.  Thank you.

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