End Montgomery County School Year on May 22nd

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The Coronavirus has affected us all in many negative ways and has caused a lot of stress. School has added to that stress as we are spending our days worrying about our grades and assignments. The stress that school is causing is unhealthy and not productive for us. We are just doing busy work and it is not adding to our learning. Teachers admit that we are not learning and that they are assigning work to just assign work. The school board should end school on the 22nd of May to ease our stress and put us out of our school misery. AP exams end on that day so we will have no more large things to motivate us to do our work that we already are barely motivated to do. This is too much stress to do all this work and if school ends we would have less stress, plus our overall quality of life will improve with no school work. End the 2019-2020 school year on May 22nd.