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End the plan to kill geese in Montgomery Country before it can cause any harm

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As residents of Montgomery County, we pride ourselves on our environmental awareness and sense of social justice, attained through our community social mores and strong education system. The proposal to inhumanely execute Canada geese violates everything Montgomery County residents hold dear and offends our sense of justice. The roundup and killing program proposed by Montgomery County Parks, which would kill approximately 300 unsuspecting Canada geese and their goslings, is ineffective for solving the long-term purported conflicts with Canada geese, as Canada geese will simply repopulate these parks in the future. The County is setting itself up to continuously conduct costly, ineffective culls if allowed to go down this road.

We understand and appreciate that Montgomery County Parks has attempted some non-lethal methods for managing conflicts with these 300 geese, but we urge you to adopt a comprehensive and humane program rather than resorting to lethal methods, such as the proposed program, designed to kill all Canadian Geese in Rock Creek Regional and Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreational Parks. Qualified groups, like the Humane Society of the United States, which is headquartered in Montgomery County, have offered to assist. The County must first consider working with these experienced organizations before resorting to inhumanely slaughtering these geese, most likely through the use of gas chambers.

Montgomery County Parks should adopt a comprehensive and humane program for managing conflicts with geese, rather than resorting to lethal methods. The best programs are those which combine egg addling, habitat modification, anti-feeding messaging, and aversively conditioning geese not to remain on sites where they cause problems. These solutions are not only more humane than roundup and killing programs, but also more effective. While we appreciate that Montgomery County Parks already uses some humane methods, more needs to be done to expand upon these methods and adopt humane approach needs to be displayed by Montgomery County Parks. We are better than this. We must first explore all humane means before resorting to lethal approaches that will only fail over time.

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