Justice for Valor: Stop the Senseless Killing of Animals at the Montgomery Co (OH) Shelter

Justice for Valor: Stop the Senseless Killing of Animals at the Montgomery Co (OH) Shelter

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Stop the senseless and inhumane killing of thousands of cats and dogs that enter the Montgomery County (Ohio) Animal Resource Center (ARC) each year. In 2017, the Animal Resource Center killed 46% of the animals that entered--3002 cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. This equates to 12 animals every single weekday of the year.

Change in leadership, staff and policies are needed now at this center before more animals in this county are killed at the very place meant to protect them. The Montgomery County taxpayers who keep this center open, and the animals, deserve better.

We stand for Valor, a young and healthy dog that was taken to the Montgomery Animal Resource Center (ARC) on February 5, 2018 after he was found chained to a tree and left to die in the cold with no food or water. He was kept there for 10 days waiting to be transferred to a rescue. Three rescues (SCOOP, Inc., Joseph's Legacy, and Cincinnati Pit Crew) tried to save him. One was turned down--the others were never given a chance. Valor was quickly taken off hold and killed. He was classified as "unmanageable" as a rationale for killing him even though all communications with the shelter, pictures and a video taken by the people who found him dispute the shelter's erroneous claims. The shelter, as per their own admission, did not conduct temperament testing, although they later changed their story. All of these documents can be viewed on Valor's page: https://www.facebook.com/justiceforvalor . We believe that it was simply easier for them to kill Valor than work with a rescue for his transfer. Valor had a qualified, loving, foster home waiting.

No animal cruelty charges were filed against the owner and the case was closed on February 6, 2018 because the center staff said they could not locate the owner even though Valor was chained next door to his property and this address is on file.

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center makes the following claim on their website: "The Animal Resource Center has not euthanized any adoptable dog for lack of space since 2008 and no adoptable cat since 2014 meeting our goal of ending the euthanasia of healthy, behaviorally sound pets by 2015."

Yet the reality (as stated above), from their newly published statistics (as required by state law), is that the shelter's intake for 2017 was 6,546 animals and of that number, 3,002 cats and dogs were killed in 2017 alone at this center--46%. That equates to the killing of 12 cats and dogs every single weekday of the year.

In the "untreatable and unhealthy" category, 2,598 animals were classified and therefore, killed. This number (40% of intake) of "untreatable and unhealthy" is much too high to be believable. They classified 404 as "healthy, treatable and manageable"--yet killed them as well--disputing their own website claim that they do not kill "healthy, behaviorally sound pets." They had a 14% adoption rate in 2017.

County shelters across the nation are implementing the techniques of the no-kill movement and are saving over 90% of the animals that enter their shelter. (https://www.nokilladvocacycenter.org/no-kill-equation.html Serious change at the  Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is needed now. Please stand with us and be the voice for the innocent animals--in Valor's memory.