Demanding the Resignation of Montgomery County, PA Commissioner Joe Gale

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Joseph C. Gale, the Montgomery County, PA Commissioner's, recent press statements on the "Riots & Looting in Philadelphia" invoke violence and contradict the bipartisanship of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. This statement demonstrates Commissioner Gales’ bias nature and presents statements that are not backed by evidence but instead divisive, racially charged opinions. 

Black Americans comprise approximately 9.9% of the county's population. Therefore, his utter assertion that the Black Lives Matter movement, which is successfully and peacefully raising awareness about the unlawful killings of Black Americans, is a "radical left-wing hate group" that is the "perpetrator" of the urban domestic terror is not only inaccurate but damaging to the safety and well-being of his constituents. His assertion that the protests taking place across the country have led to "a level of unfettered criminality never witnessed before in American history" directly overlooks the 400 years of slavery and oppression that have unlawfully and immorally taken away the lives of millions of Black Americans in this country.  

In order to create the peace Commissioner Gale so desperately speaks of, it would be in the county’s best interest for him to step down immediately. Now is not the time to name call and tear down efforts by groups simply asking for their lives to be protected. In order for the law to work effectively, those in power must demonstrate a respect for ALL of their constituents and maintain impartiality.

See County Commissioner Gale's full statement: