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Stop the County Executive from putting parking meters on Battery Lane

Dear Councilmember Berliner: 


I have recently learned that the County Executive has recommended that parking meters (or some form of paid parking) be installed on Battery Lane between Woodmont Avenue and Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda.  As a resident of that suburban neighborhood, I am writing to strongly urge you to fight this proposal.


Battery Lane between Woodmont Avenue and Old Georgetown Road is a beautiful, quiet, residential neighborhood with a combination of condominium and rental properties.  This street is not an appealing parking option for those visiting downtown Bethesda to shop and eat; rather, street parking along Battery Lane is generally used by residents, their guests, and household workers/repair people.  Not only will adding parking meters invariably create problems for those who would visit us, but also the meters will steal the quiet beauty of this residential street.


Councilmember, you were voted Bethesda Magazine’s 2010 and 2011 winner of the Best County Council Member title for a reason – because you are known for acting in the best interests of your constituents.  We are confident you will continue to act in our best interests and ensure that meters are not put in place on such a beautiful, tree-lined, suburban residential street.


Thank you.



Residents and Friends of Battery Lane between Woodmont Avenue and Old Georgetown Road

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    Roger Berliner

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