Resignation of MontCo Commissioner Joseph C. Gale After a Blatantly Racist Press Statement

Resignation of MontCo Commissioner Joseph C. Gale After a Blatantly Racist Press Statement

June 1, 2020
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Started by Hayley Derbyshire

We demand the resignation of Montgomery County Commissioner Joseph C. Gale after the appalling rhetoric displayed in his "Press Statement: Riots & Looting In Philadelphia" published on June 1st. This statement exposes Gale not only as a racist bigot, but incapable of holding the impartiality and empathy required from a County Commissioner. Joseph C. Gale is biased and hateful, and has no place holding public office.

His press statement can be found here. 

Gale falsely categorizes Black Lives Matter as a "radical left-wing hate group", and in doing so, he is actively fear-mongering and spreading misinformation about who is committing "urban and domestic terror". Additionally, Gale writes: "as they say, if you give an inch, they will take a foot", an expression which echoes racist rhetoric dating back to American slavery. This is no coincidence. He insists upon a "white racism" occurring, displaying a complete disregard towards the devastating murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other innocent Black Americans that thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest. This is not the language of an impartial, caring person, nor is it the appropriate language of a County Commissioner. 

A public official must be empathic towards those who protest our country's racial injustices, but Gale failed to do so. Commissioner Gale used his platform to create a divisive statement that harshly attacks Democratic leaders and sides only with the Philadelphia police, who, in this instance, can be seen in myriad videos instigating violence upon peaceful protesters. See here for one video example of police attacking protestors, who are simply standing on a hill and trying to disperse, with an endless stream of tear gas. In any other country, we would consider this a war crime. Yet, these police are the people adulated by Commissioner Gale. Not only this, but Gale clearly highlights his own biased affinity towards notoriously racist former Philadelphia Police Commissioner and Mayor, Frank Rizzo.  

Commissioner Gale could have used this moment to support an important and historical movement in our country. He could have used this moment to encourage equality, kindness, and empathy. Instead, he used it to perpetuate racism and bigotry. 

As long as Gale holds the role of County Commissioner and continues to make statements like this one, he will propagate hate, anger, and racism in a county that deserves equality and empathy. Moreover, he will continue to uphold white supremacy. Montgomery County deserves better.

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Signatures: 21,616Next Goal: 25,000
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