Bring Topgolf & 2 New Golf Courses To Montebello: Inclusive & Profitable for Residents

Bring Topgolf & 2 New Golf Courses To Montebello: Inclusive & Profitable for Residents

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Natalie Romero started this petition to Montebello City Council

For decades, the 18-hole golf course has been run like a private country club benefitting a very small percentage of Montebello residents - over 120 acres of public space purely for golfers with the skill, time and money to compete in an elite sport.  To make matters worse, the City has lost MILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer funds over the last decade - money that could have gone to public safety or City improvements for residents.

This is about what is GAINED: a NEW Topgolf for family friendly recreation, 2 NEW golf courses and NEW golfing amenities like evening play - all while the City stops LOSING money and instead begins MAKING money.

TO BE CLEAR: Topgolf is paying the City the ENTIRE bond amount being issued on behalf of the City, in addition to Topgolf paying the City over $27 million profit in the form of rent.

The State Audit challenged Montebello to make changes to the golf course, as losing over $1 million annually was no longer acceptable.  Council listened to the State’s guidance and is making a change:

Bring Topgolf to Montebello which will provide safe, family-friendly golfing recreation and technology, along with food & beverage.  Create a dynamic championship 9-hole golf course with Par 4’s and a Par 5 that can be played with dual pins for an 18-hole experience.  Create a 6-hole Par 3 course LED night-lit for evening play after work.  Create a putting course LED night-lit for both practice and play into the evenings.  Build a new modern and beautiful clubhouse facility — and finally - a mini golf course for youth and families.


1. For the vast majority of residents who do not play 18-hole golf courses, these changes will create an entirely more inclusive and family-friendly environment - where everyone from ages 2 to 99 can participate and enjoy the public land through golf amenities at a variety of skill levels.

2. Topgolf is paying the City over 27 million dollars in rent over the first 20 years, as opposed to the current golf course which has lost the City many millions of dollars over the last decade (over $1 million per year in losses many years).
Residents are no longer subsidizing a golf course that the vast majority never play and never visit for a small subset of mostly out-of-town men’s club members who enjoy their private course experience.

3. Topgolf offers entertainment, recreation, and a fun location for family gatherings, coworker gatherings, friends gatherings, birthday parties, dates, and so many more occasions.  Residents have clamored for MORE THINGS TO DO in the City and this is it!

4. Golfers get a new golf course that is playable in an 18-hole configuration, along with the night-lit Par 3 course and one acre putting course, and even a mini golf course.  All new and all for residents of a variety of skill levels.


1. You as the resident ARE NOT paying a $100 million bond or even a $50 million bond.  Topgolf is.  Topgolf is paying every dime of the bond being issued by the City and it is guaranteed by their parent company, Callaway Golf.  This is ON TOP of the over 27 million dollars in rent guaranteed by Topgolf over the next 20 years.

2.The golf course is not being destroyed and it is very unwise to “save” an asset that has continuously lost money for over a decade.  Let the men’s club cover the $1 million annual loses during the last decade if they are so passionate.  It is being remade by the Council into a new experience with many more amenities for both golfers and non-golfers to future-proof it for your children and their children.


1. Why has the golf course even been allowed to lose MILLIONS of dollars every year for so many years all while being in a state of disrepair?

2. Why does the City have virtually NO recreation options for families, youth, etc?

3. Why are the golfers in public Council meetings threatening City Council members in order to keep their old-school golfing mentality at the detriment of the general public?

4. Isn’t it time to consider the benefits of the many and stop losing millions of dollars keeping the status quo with the current golf course?  This is a progressive, forward thinking City, right?

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