Removal of Montclair, NJ Interim Superintendent Nathan Parker

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While at a Montclair chapter NAACP meeting Interim Superintendent Nathan Parker is alleged to have said that he does, "...not have a problem if a teacher is found to be racist, as long as it doesn't disrupt instruction." While at an NAACP education committee meeting on a later date, Mr. Parker allegedly told members that he felt comfortable around black people because he grew up on a dairy farm where his family employed four black families. In addition, he allegedly admitted to those present that he had admitted to the original statement or something like it.

The Montclair chapter NAACP recently released a statement indicating that it WOULD NOT actively work towards removing Mr. Parker. We believe the Black children of Montclair deserve better.  

The parents of Black children in Montclair have called for the resignation of Mr. Parker at several school board meetings. Racism has no place in our public schools and we ask that you sign the petition to demand that the school board immediately remove Mr. Parker from his duties as Interim Superintendent.