Stop the slaughter of Yellowstone bison!

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What is the real problem here?
RANCHERS are grazing their personal herds on PUBLIC LANDS that the TAXPAYER foots the bill for and then the Ranchers BITCH because the Buffalo, who are wild and free DARE to come onto PUBLICLY OWNED LANDS in the MIDDLE of WINTER to try and eat whatever little bits they can find ... and who foots the bill for all of this?
It is the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS...thats who.

We the AMERICAN PUBLIC need to demand this be stopped.

 Agencies plan to slaughter up to 900 of this 4,900-strong wild bison herd in the next few months in Yellowstone, the home of he most important herd of these magnificent animals, the icons of the American West. A century ago they were driven to the brink of extinction as a result of mass slaughter by millions.

Tragically, more wild buffalo have been slaughtered in America since 1995 than in the entire preceding century. Think about that for a moment.

Yes, there used to be tens of millions of them. Now we have only a few thousand...but we harass, relocate, and kill these walking national treasures for the profit of a few cattle ranchers—and at the expense of we taxpayers.

The killing may begin any day, and it has the potential to be the worst slaughter of wild bison since 2008 when 1,6 thousand bison were sent to their deaths simply for roaming outside Yellowstone’s boundaries.

Today, we have an opportunity to reverse this national wildlife tragedy.

Here is our message to Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk:

"Stop the slaughter of Yellowstone bison!

Dear Governor Bullock and Superintendent Wenk,

We are saddened to learn that Yellowstone National Park plans to once again transfer many of Yellowstone's wild bison to slaughter as they roam out of the park and into Montana. This is an unnecessary tragedy directly resulting from Montana's failure to approve a plan to expand the wild bison "tolerance zone" north and west of the park where more bison may roam and Yellowstone National Park's failure to complete a plan to relocate bison to new areas rather than ship bison to slaughter. Both failures are rooted in the outdated Interagency Bison Management Plan that arbitrarily limits bison numbers and habitat in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

We ask that you both move as quickly as possible to rectify this ongoing failure.

Governor Bullock, please champion bison conservation and restoration by shutting down the transport of bison to slaughter as your predecessor, Governor Brian Schweitzer, did in 2011 and 2012. Please give these bison more room to roam by adopting Alternative B of the Environmental Assessment on Year-round Habitat for Yellowstone Bison. This alternative allows year-round access for bison in the greatest area with no restriction on numbers.

Superintendent Wenk, please move quickly to complete the Environmental Assessment on an operational quarantine/relocation process. Yellowstone bison are much too valuable to ship to slaughter when they could be used to start new desperately needed conservation herds on tribal and public lands elsewhere, including other Department of Interior lands as outlined in the Department's Bison Conservation Strategy.

Governor Bullock and Superintendent Wenk, please also use your authorities to expedite a new Interagency Bison Management Plan. Knowledge of brucellosis and bison management has improved tremendously in the last two decades, and the changes must be reflected in the way bison are managed. Working together, the state of Montana and the National Park Service can create a new future for bison; that process should begin now.

It's time for a new vision that is not rooted in prejudice and fear. Nobody wants to see wanton, unnecessary slaughter of Yellowstone's wild bison. The right decision is to prevent this needless slaughter and let real conservation solutions happen. The future of Yellowstone bison and bison restoration to additional locations depends on it.

You are the two people standing between the deaths of these animals and a future where Yellowstone bison are part of Montana's wildlife heritage. Please take action to immediately intervene in this matter and use the weight of your offices to expand year-round tolerance zones for Yellowstone's bison, use relocation rather than slaughter, and revise the outdated Interagency Bison Management Plan."

Tell Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk to stop the slaughter and let bison roam outside of Yellowstone National Park!