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I want to stop the Killing of the Grizzly Bears

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Open plains for Grizzly Bears


By:Madison Ursus Arctos


I am really wanting to save and protect the Grizzly Bear, but I can’t do that when people are hunting the Bear, because their afraid of it, or they want the fur/meat. Wild LIfe Preserver’s are already preserving land for this animal so they can  roam freely , but i don’t think there protecting enough land for this bear.I don’t think there protecting it enough because there just preserving land for the animal not telling people that they can’t go near that area .What i am willing to do is make sure more areas are preserved  for the grizzly bears and for the same benefits they can roam freely and live a healthy life.Also the Grizzly bears are located in Alaska, but are located in other places. I care so much about this animal because this animal is apart of God’s Creation, and he put them on this earth to LIVE not DIE! ALso these animals are not trying to harm, they only harm us if you do something to the Animal. While you’re at it if you liked this petition, please sign it.





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