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Montana: Call on Congress to End Subsidies to Oil and Gas Fat Cats

As gas prices rise and family pocketbooks grow leaner, many folks in Montana are forced to forego traditional summer vacations and cut back on travel in our beautiful state. Meanwhile, big oil companies continue to line their pockets with record profits and pay near zero federal taxes. 

While Montanans are paying record high prices for gasoline, the five largest oil companies are raking in BILLIONS in profits. Still, Congress grants oil companies tax breaks and giveaways totaling more than $15 billion per year, and most Montanans pay a higher rate of tax than super rich oil companies.

The oil industry uses its’ profits to influence Washington. Last year, the oil industry employed 798 lobbyists and made over $145 billion in political contributions. And in the last two years, Congressman Dennis Rehberg has voted 5 times in support of subsidies for large oil and gas companies.

Congress has heard the voice of Big Oil, and now they need to hear the voice of Montana residents like you. Call on your members of Congress right now to demand an end to subsidies for the oil and gas fat cats.

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