Justice for Black students at MVHS

Justice for Black students at MVHS

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In September 2016, I was racially targeted at Fremont Union High School District’s Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA. No real action has been taken by the school or district administration nor Santa Clara County law enforcement. A group of least seven male Monta Vista students used a group chat on Instagram to bully at least three other female students. The chat was filled with sexism, sexual harassment, and racism. On top of their apparent praises of the Ku Klux Klan, speaking about executing a currently unnamed student on a specific date, and referring to themselves as “N*gger killing spree masters," they constructed a “hit list” with the names of the very few Black students on campus. I was one of them. 

The only reason my family found out about this threat against my life was because the student-run newspaper on campus, El Estoque, reported on the situation in October 2016, weeks after it initially occurred and still without the school or district administration saying a word to the families affected. The publication painted this has a cyber bullying situation and did not interview a single Black student despite having “N*gger killing spree masters” being blown up in their spread. Santa Clara County law enforcement made them take the article down due to an “ongoing investigation.”


After weeks of MVHS administration and Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office lying to my mother claiming I had no direct involvement and that I was safe on Monta Vista’s campus, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office wanted me to make a victim statement without telling us why. During our meeting on February 14th, 2017, law enforcement finally told my family and I that these boys, who knew where I lived, detailed exactly how they would kill me, how many bullets it would take and how much blood would spill from my body, all because I am Black. They only showed us the messages directly related to myself and over three years later, I still do not have every detail because Monta Vista High School, Fremont Union High School District, and the Santa Clara County Sheriff/Cupertino PD refuse to release anything. The boys involved received virtually no punishment, and according to the two boys from the group who were interviewed for the El Estoque story, they felt as if they didn’t deserve any either. These two made it abundantly clear that they felt they had done no wrong because it was all a “joke” and wasn’t meant to be seen. They have shown zero remorse for their actions since it happened, and have expressed that the person who turned them in was in the wrong. One of them even continued harassing me outside of  my own home for months. 

There are many more pieces to this story that I cannot portray fully. But I want this to be clear: Monta Vista High School, Fremont Union High School District, and Santa Clara County law enforcement has not only failed me, but they failed the Black community with their refusal to protect us and actively deciding to hide this case. The Santa Clara County DA did not allow me to press any charges against the boys because “it was not communicated directly to me.” There has been no action against the administrators who only protected the predators and the school’s reputation, rather than the lives of the Black students on campus that only count for 0.6% of the student population. In fact, two of the responsible administrators left the school before anything was ever dealt with. The original School Resource Officer on the case was not only removed from campus for mishandling the case, but was moved to a completely different station and his case was sealed. The next School Resource Officer had no clue about the situation until it was brought to attention by my mother. I have been suffering the personal consequences of this for years and it is something that won’t go away even once justice is served. After three years, those involved still have not taken this seriously and I am tired of it.

With this petition, I demand these actions from MVHS, FUHSD, and Santa Clara County:

  1. To look into possible criminal negligence charges against MVHS administrators, FUHSD administrators, and Santa Clara County law enforcement.
  2. All information regarding what happened with the original case and School Resource Officer released.
  3. All messages released to my family and those involved.
  4. To reopen my criminal case against the boys involved.
  5. Monta Vista High School and Fremont Union High School district to reform their policies to actively protect students from this ever happening again.