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Hi, I am 12 year old Robin Warren; here's me watching a helicopter roundup on July 26th, 2013. Watching the roundup in person inspired me to create this petition and a musical to help tell the story.

Every year, thousands of wild horses and burros are rounded up by helicopters. During the summer heat and the winter snow, even during foaling season, the horses are driven for miles out from their home on the range and into captivity. The lucky ones will be adopted by loving homes. But the rest of them will live out their days in overcrowded and ill-prepared holding facilities.

Recently my friends and I started a petition about the conditions of the holding facilities. Now we are asking that the BLM stops bringing horses in that they are not prepared to care for. We want the horses managed where they are – on the open range. The helicopter method is outdated, unnecessary and cruel.

"To the horses and burros, the helicopters are monsters. Please, let the horses live free and die free." -Wild Mustang Robin (Robin Warren) age 12

Letter to
Director, Wild Horse and Burro Division, Bureau of Land Management Joan Guilfoyle
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell (Secretary of the Interior)
Dear Secretary Jewell and Director Guilfoyle;

We are joining student Robin Warren in asking that you stop helicopter roundups of horses and burros. The Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 states that it is inhumane to chase and capture horses and burros with motorized vehicles including helicopters. There are better ways to control wild populations such as bait-trapping or administering birth control. The helicopter roundups are outdated, unnecessary, and inhumane.

Besides, current holding facilities are overcrowded and not ready for more horses. There is no shelter from the elements. Scientific studies endorsed by your agency have found that the roundups are not effective. Fecal forage studies prove that the horses are not in competition for food with other wildlife. Mining, energy, and fracking activity demonstrates that there is not a lack of water for land developments.

On top of that, we find it disturbing that the populations of wild horses – found in 10 Western states – are redistributed to the Mid-West where horse slaughter houses are preparing to open. We ask that wild horses and burros are managed on the open ranges where they live and that they are able to live free and die free.

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