Boycott Monster Energy for attacking small local-owned businesses

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Monster Energy is big, really big. Being so big, Monster has money to spend on lawyers to make nuisance lawsuits to smaller companies who just so happen to have their names also start with "M."

Can you tell the difference between these two logos? Nobody would confuse them, but still, Monster filed a lawsuit against this beloved local Virginian distillery, and it's not the only lawsuit they've filed against small local businesses. Monster has been relatively brutal in attacking small companies whose logos don't even remotely look like the Monster "M" as these small companies just don't have the vast resources to fight back.

This greedy behavior does nothing but strip resources from the important local community businesses that offer local jobs and bring money into local communities. Those resources instead make this fat Monster that much fatter, and that doesn't help any of us.

Of course what's most ironic is that Monster isn't the original company who had an "M" for a logo, we have the golden arches to thank for that...

Please consider signing this petition and sharing it with your friends on social media to tell Monster they need to stop attacking small beloved community businesses. We'd also ask you to really hit Monster where it hurts and buy your energy drinks from their competitors until they stop attacking small community businesses. Monster Energy will only have deep pockets if we consumers line them afterall. 

Take a stand, help fight this monster, and do a good thing for local businesses!

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