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Stop putting farmers out of business and increasing consumer health risks

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Monsanto is a large farming and biotechnological industry who takes advantage of farmers, consumers, and the majority of the population who are uninformed. Monsanto uses their profit for their own benefit and do not care about the wellbeing of world citizens. Because the corporation takes advantage of people who do not really know the effect of genetically altered food, there are huge consequences. Genetically engineered foods are not good for the human body because chemicals are put into the food that make it grow quicker and have more production so the company can make more products for less money. There are two major problems with this: the overpowering market of Monsanto and its effect on agribusiness, and the health risks of genetically modified foods.

Monsanto is such a large corporation that they can overpower the smaller corporations and farming businesses who do not have as much money or lawyers. Monsanto can charge in and take control of other companies which is not right because it is an invasion of produce, privacy, and basic rights. Independent farmers and ranchers are strongly affected by the disproportionate market power of Monsanto in agribusiness because Monsanto has the power to change costs and continue to economically gain power both nationally and globally. Smaller agribusinesses do not have the ability to change costs and have instead suffered profit shortages. Because of this, many small family farms and businesses have gone out of business as it is hard to keep a successful organic farm business running. Monsanto has also changed the common practice of farmers who buy their seeds from them. Monsanto does not allow them to use seeds that are left at the end of the season and must buy new seeds each year from Monsanto. Before, farmers were able to reuse the seeds, thus saving money. This rule that Monsanto has put on their product buyers ends up costing farmers even more money, therefore making it very difficult for their business to thrive.

Monsanto also largely impacts people everyday. The more they grow, the less access to healthy food people will have. It is known that they genetically modify their seeds, therefore none of the food that is grown by farmers in America who grow food using Monsanto’s seeds are organic. It is hard to know what you are eating now as healthy, safe, and clean food is slowly losing presence. However, the health and safety of citizens is essential. At this rate, many dietary illnesses will increase, and so affordable organic food that is not genetically engineered is necessary for all consumers as food poisoning in America is a serious problem. According to the calculation, an average of 9,000 people die from food poisoning every year.

The Monsanto Protection Act, which President Obama recently signed, states that if there is a challenge against the planting or selling of genetically modified foods, the Department of Agriculture must permit Monsanto and companies alike to continue planting the crop and selling the genetically modified foods, despite if courts rule they pose health risks.

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