Monroe School Board: Replace Superintendent Blasko


Monroe School Board: Replace Superintendent Blasko

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Monroe School Board of Directors

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To the Monroe School Board of Directors:

We, the undersigned, have many different roles in relationship to the Monroe School District. Some of us are parents, grandparents or guardians. Some are students or siblings. Some are friends, neighbors and local voters. 

There are lots of things we may disagree about, but we are united in our deep concern about the current state of the Monroe School District. 

There are systemic problems in the district which impact our kids daily. Harassment and bullying have long been problems but are now at all time highs. Whether it's based on what someone is wearing, how they look, their accent, race, ability, gender or sexuality, the common denominator is hostility and aggression toward 'the other.' These issues have gone unaddressed by the district leadership for far too long, and have only become bigger as district leadership has failed to come to grips with them. 

We are seeing the effects of a toxic culture in our classrooms and staff rooms. It not only impacts our kids, but is actively preventing the hiring and retention of needed resources throughout the district. As an employer the Monroe School District has earned a reputation - and it's not a good one.

These issues have been raised with Superintendent Blasko over and over and over again. All calls for action have gone unanswered for far too long. We no longer believe that Dr. Blasko has the skills necessary to lead the district in the development and implementation of the programs and plans necessary to right this ship. His actions directly contribute to the toxic culture that has allowed our schools to become hostile environments.

We the undersigned are asking the newly seated Monroe School District Board of Directors to remove and replace Dr. Justin Blasko as Superintendent of the Monroe School District immediately.

We further request that in selecting a new Superintendent the board ensures the successful candidate has the experience and credentials needed to lead our district through these difficult programmatic and cultural changes, and to institute the improved cultural transparency, communication and follow through needed.

We understand that Dr. Blasko was appointed to the Superintendent position outside the usual process following his predecessor's unexpectedly abrupt departure at the beginning of the COVID outbreak. In order to repair the trust within our community, the recruiting and hiring process MUST be performed following the accepted search committee vetting process rather than simple board appointment.

We further ask that the board appoint an independent, appropriately credentialed third party to investigate the extent of the harm caused by Dr. Blasko and provide the public with a report detailing their findings, as well as recommended restorative actions to be taken.

Additionally, we call upon the board to develop and communicate the scorecard by which the Superintendent's success in role will be measured, including any associated metrics. 

Thank you for the work you do for our kids and our community!


Heather Young, Jennifer Revenig, and all of the undersigned.


This petition made change with 1,374 supporters!

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